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Woman explains big differences between what Gen Z and Millenials wear to work everyday

The boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z all have different concepts about what is a work-appropriate outfit for them and the difference is baffling.

Woman explains big differences between what Gen Z and Millenials wear to work everyday
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @kourtlynn_

The concept of appropriate office wear keeps changing with each generation. Many working professionals try to interpret their ideal office wear to their liking. But one can't simply show up dressed in a glittering gown or a sweatshirt. Or can they? A creator named Kourtlynn Faith (@kourtlynn_ on TikTok) made a note of it in her video. Faith specifically breaks down the fashion trends that corporate workers have followed so far.

Image Source: TikTok | @kourtlynn_
Image Source: TikTok | @kourtlynn_

“If you work in corporate, it is so funny to see how each generation dresses for work,” Faith starts her video. “It’s funny to see what each generation deems as ‘work-appropriate’ attire.” At first, she looks back at the boomer generation and how they dressed for work. Faith called the boomers "business professionals" where a man would wear a suit and tie to work every single day. Sometimes they might opt for a sweater vest too.

“Gen X and Millennials, they definitely play it safe,” Faith explained. “They go down to their nearest Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic. They will eat up a blouse with pants and a flat or maybe some heels on a good day. Some women in their 40s are dressing down. You can tell they have money to buy work clothes.” Then she moved on to dive deep into the mindset of Gen Z when it comes to workplace fashion.

Image Source: TikTok | @kourtlynn_
Image Source: TikTok | @kourtlynn_

“I’m not spending my money on work clothes,” Faith said, noting the budget-minded Gen Z. “I am going to rotate the hell out of everything that I have for work. It’s either I’m paying for work clothes, or I’m paying for clothes to go out. Gen Z is definitely business casual but with a little bit of oomph, just a little bit of extra. Gen Z loves a New Balance sneaker. It’s gonna be, like, a New Balance sneaker with a maxi skirt and a plain top.”

“A New Balance Sneaker with a two-piece set and that two-piece set probably has a vest. Don’t let Gen Z get a hold of an oversized blazer,” she described another popular Gen Z outfit for the office. “We love an oversized blazer. I do know there is a very big generational difference." The comment section of her video had their own opinions and observations about the differences between the shifting office wear fashion trends. @marshabello5 revealed, "Millennials have been wearing business casual in the club. So we know how to maximize our wardrobe from the office to the club."

Image Source: TikTok | @journeywithmari
Image Source: TikTok | @journeywithmari

@tequiiapapi wrote, "Heavy on the not spending real money on work clothes. I used to wear my old church clothes to work. Thank god I’m 100% remote now." @coilycoilyme commented, "As a millennial my closest is filled with NY&Co work attire, then the pandemic happened and now I work from home, I hardly step inside my closet." @marielaveaux added, "I had a Gen X boss who was known as a bit of a fashionista among the older guys because, on Fridays, he’d pair his suit with sneakers. They lost their minds over it." @locoligget admitted, "I can hardly afford the thrift store let alone a suit."

@kourtlynn_ I want to do a documentary on the different generations in the workplace. Fascinating stuff. #fy #genz #boomer #corporate #corporatelife #officelife #workoutfits #millennial #genx ♬ original sound - Kourtlynn Faith


You can follow Kourtlynn Faith (@kourtlynn_) on TikTok for more fashion and lifestyle content. 

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