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Woman enacting what different fonts talk about when they hang out is downright hilarious

Elle imagined and then enacted what each font would be like had they been people and the representation is hysterically accurate.

Woman enacting what different fonts talk about when they hang out is downright hilarious
Cover Image Source: Twitter| @ellerhymes

With thousands of fonts to enhance writing digitally and manually, it is stunning to see different typefaces change the look, tone and message of any piece of text. However, to those wondering what the personalities of fonts would be had they been people, Elle Cordova shared a hilarious visualization of the popular fonts and it has everyone relating on a different scale. Elle’s concept of having the fonts hang out is simply next-level. Capturing the all-time beloved Times New Roman first in the picture, Elle reveals a very basic yet sophisticated appearance with a sweater and glasses. “Do I miss being the default font? No. like I told Calibri in 2007, I’ve done my time,” Times New Roman said.

Image Source: Twitter| @ellerhymes
Image Source: Twitter| @ellerhymes

Garamond appeared next, agreeing with the font’s opinion. “Yes, you were designed for Newspapers darling. You should not be languishing in double-spaced essays written by 8th graders,” Garamond added. Next came the lively Futura. Dressed to give off a technological and futuristic look, Elle poses with a jacket and cool sunglasses as if she were from the future. “Serifs, I get a headache just looking at them,” Futura said. The battle between choosing Serif and Sans Serif font is known to be prevalent in articles, stories, dialogues and even emails. Without further ado, a calm and serene Arial appeared on the screen. Dressed in a common red t-shirt and a regular updo to match the font, Elle agreed with Futura and hysterically said, “Right? They think they’re so important just because they’re wearing little top hats and booties.”

Image Source: Twitter| @ellerhymes
Image Source: Twitter| @ellerhymes

The font humor is added with the vintage Courier font stepping in. Elle aced the depiction of the same with a shirt, suspenders and a hat to give the formal classic look. With a weirdly accurate accent to match the font, Courier said, “Back in my day, we didn’t have any of this variable hanky panky. No sir, we had a typewriter carriage to worry about. If you weren’t fixed up and on the level, you weren’t getting typed and that’s all there was to it.” Futura replied "Okay Gramps. The guy’s practically a fossil.” Arial defended the vintage font saying, “He’s still a big deal in computer programming.”

Image Source: Twitter| @ellerhymes
Image Source: Twitter| @ellerhymes

Things got more intense when Arial and Helvetica’s typeface similarity was assumed as a romantic relationship. Arial blushed and greeted Helvetica. “Can I offer you some spicy diacritics or maybe a glyph cocktail?” Arial asked, acing the font slang. Helvetica, representing a gentleman at this point said, “No thanks, I have a kerning appointment in a few and then I’m heading on a poster with Proxima Nova.” Revealing the ancient Papyrus with classical music, the font said, “Can I come?” Helvetica replied, “I don’t think there’s room for you buddy,” referring to the wide-spaced property of the font that keeps every artist from using the same.


The Impact font took things personally and said, “You think you’re better than us just because you’re on logos and street signs?” When Comic Sans cued in as the fun, colorful and vibrant font, it was font humor at its best. “Let’s just put on bright colors, put on commas as ellipses and post our thoughts on Facebook.” The banter ended with Helvetica leaving the scene while Arial called it a “perfect typeface.” “I don’t know, there was always something Grotesque about him,” Futura concluded. People were in love with the dose of font humor. @DavidLemayian said, “The fact that I understand all these jokes tells me I've spent way too much time learning about fonts.’ @MarchusEicher70 said, “Very funny and creative.”



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