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Woman dresses up like grandma after seeing her old photo and their resemblance is uncanny

Lakyn Bowman was going through some old photos of her grandma when she realized they look a lot same.

Woman dresses up like grandma after seeing her old photo and their resemblance is uncanny
Cover Image Source: Instagram /Lakyn Bowman

Lakyn Bowman came up with the sweetest, most ingenious, and considerate way to celebrate her grandmother's 71st birthday. After looking through old photos, Bowman (@lakynbowman) revealed in a TikTok video, how much they resembled one another. She made the decision to recreate each signature look as a way of saying "thank you, grandma," for passing on the good genes. The resemblance is just uncanny after a few rounds with the curling iron, some light blue eyeshadow, and donning some adorable floral prints and some photo filters that gave the photos a retro look. People were thrilled to witness such a tender tribute. Over 8.8 million people watched the video in a short period of time, and many comments discussed how moved they were by the homage.



One user said, "Oh my gosh can we see her reaction this is sooo cool and sweet 🥰". Another commented saying, "not me tearing up over a stranger and their grandmother looking identical". A third penned, "you replicated every image perfectly! so cute" A fourth said, "Oh my gosh can we see her reaction this is sooo cool and sweet 🥰" I think we were all waiting for the reaction video and well, it did come in! A sincere ear-to-ear smile can be seen in a subsequent video. Let's just say that the gift was a success. Bowman's knowledge of vintage fashion undoubtedly helps. Through her business, Lakyn Thrifts, she even assists other people in discovering amazing used items. Getting the clothing and accessories was therefore as simple as eating an old-fashioned pineapple upside-down cake. Likewise sweet were the outcomes.



This video not only makes you smile right away, but it also serves as a touching reminder that our elders write the prologue to our life stories. Honoring them can be as straightforward or imaginative as we want it to be. However, do not forget about them. Their expressions of love are unmatched, whether they prepare our favorite meals or give us thoughtful gifts. A Reddit user recently posted a sentimental birthday card from their grandmother, and it has since gone viral online, touching many people's hearts. They wrote, "My 98-year-old grandma has been making me birthday cards for years. This one is the plainest of them all, but meant the most."

The letter reads, "Happy birthday Elliott. You have blessed my life for 47 years. This will be my last time trying to write on [a] computer and doing it as [my] hands don't want to write and now memory going fast but trying to do a birthday card for you, my dear precious Elliott. Love you so much, Grandma Rose." Grandma Rose was determined to show her grandson how much she loved him despite being 98 years old and the constraints that come with it. Her heartfelt and moving letter quickly gained over 164k likes on Reddit. Many users said that this letter is priceless and ought to be kept.


One user suggested saying,  "You get yourself an acid-free archival folder and keep that card in there and store it somewhere safe. That is priceless and beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us." Another remarked, "This sub is MadeMeSmile but this kinda MadeMeCry. It’s so sweet." A third said, "This is so sweet, bless you and your grandma ❤️", to which the OP replied, "Thank you so much. I’ve always been her “Elly-rat” (play on Elliott). She lost her husband, my 97-year-old grandpa this year. Makes me realize, especially with this card, that I will be losing her too. Both were rocks in my life.

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