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Woman discusses '6 bestie theory' that will completely change the outlook on friendships

Her video discusses how we need different friends for different purposes in life and it is creating a storm on the internet.

Woman discusses '6 bestie theory' that will completely change the outlook on friendships
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @hellomayes

Life is not as scary when you have a best friend. We often expect our best friend to hear us rant just about everything: work, relationships, family or health. It can burden anyone to be there for someone all the time and also live their own lives. Not only is it unfair to expect this from one person, but it also stops us from meeting new people who can understand different aspects of us. Different people can add different value to our lives and for this reason, a TikTok video by @hellohayes discussing 6-besties-theory has gone viral. The video discusses how we need separate friends for different purposes in life.

Image Source: TikTok | @hellohayes
Image Source: TikTok | @hellohayes

Alexandra Hayes Robinson is a 30-year-old content creator. She has discussed six categories of best friends one can have. She revealed how the theory "has made me feel more supported and loved by the people in my life." This video resonated with so many people that it has gained over 6 million views. The California-based TikTok user has mentioned these six categories: "The Dead Body Bestie. The Good Time Bestie. The Work Bestie. The Similar Ambition Bestie (also called the Seasonal Bestie). The OG Bestie and, The North Star Bestie." These people will understand you and be there for you in different aspects of your lives.

Image Source: TikTok | @hellohayes
Image Source: TikTok | @hellohayes

The OG Bestie is someone who knows your "roots" and that "you don't have to explain any of your backgrounds to them." It might be a person who we have grown up with. "Your bestie status was rooted in the past," Hayes says. "But now that you're older, things have changed. You might not know what's happening in their lives at every moment. You might go a few months without catching up. They love you, you love them. You will always love each other and you will always be there for each other."

Hayes then discusses the North Star Bestie. It is a friend you need for anything and everything. It is "someone who makes you feel more like yourself—your truest and most authentic self. They accept you for who you are and they never put pressure on you to show up a certain way," Hayes said. "The real power of a North Star Bestie is that you're comfortably ebbing and flowing, knowing you'll always come back to each other."

Then comes the Work Bestie. Obviously, we all need one who understands what is going on in our professional lives. It is "someone to share the load with." She added, "It's a survivor tool — and it's a beautiful one."

"A Good Time Bestie is someone who is down for adventures. They make you laugh, are great wingmen, and will travel with you to that cocktail bar to get the drink that smokes," Hayes continued. "She's your Good Time Bestie, and it's okay if she doesn't always have the perfect words. It's okay if she doesn't know your trauma. She can still be a best friend — a dear friend — and not do those things for you."

Next in the line is: Dead Body Bestie. It does not involve actual crime and you can call this person "with your most shameful secret, a serious regret, a wild thing that you wanna do, and they're like, 'Yeah, okay.'" Then comes the Seasonal/Same Ambition Bestie. "It's a person who you can nerd out or commiserate with over this shared season of life that you're in."

Truly, this theory is wholesome and we all would be lucky to have so many beautiful people in our lives.

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