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Woman diagnosed with cancer living her 'best life' while using shaved head as creative canvas

She is recovering from chemotherapy with the support of her family and friends and making the most of her life.

Woman diagnosed with cancer living her 'best life' while using shaved head as creative canvas
Image Source: Shellrowe/TikTok

Cancer is a devastating illness that claims the lives of millions every year. Chemotherapy, the most popular treatment for cancer, also causes severe side effects including nausea, hair loss, fatigue, anemia and many others, according to the NHS. The illness wrecks the lives of many who have to battle with this disease. However, there are many who don't accept defeat and don't let cancer break their spirit. A girl who suffered hair loss is using her shaved head to be creative and trying to fight the disease in the best way possible.



The girl, who goes by the TikTok username @shellrowe, can be seen wearing large sequins on her head. The video that was posted by u/a1pha_beta 17 on Reddit has gathered more than 40,000 upvotes on the social platform. The text inlay in the video initially reads, "My parents devastated that their little girl has cancer." The next frames show the girl with unique hairdos made from cereals, noodles, sequins and everything else. The text inlay reads, "Me who can't stop stop sticking s**t on my head." 

The same video on TikTok has gathered more than 28 million views with people admiring the girl for her spirit. She wrote in the caption, "They’re locking the kitchen cupboards as we speak." There are more than 15,000 comments on the video and most of them applaud her energy. One person wrote, "It's the attitude towards it all that's going to get you through it so much love and support for you from my side."




Another said, "I know you joke an awful lot but your parents must be so proud of your strength and character — you're an inspiration! just thought I'd acknowledge it." A user noted that she looks "amazing in all of 'em." 

"Cancer is like damn it, I can’t get to her god bless keep up the vibe," another said. Several others wished her luck for the recovery and everything that lies ahead. Shell has more than 600,000 followers on TikTok and over 40 million likes on her videos that range from documenting doctor visits and tracking her fight with cancer. She unapologetically accepts her body and the internet is all in support of her. According to her Instagram, her older brother donated stem cells to her as a part of her fight against cancer. She wrote in an Instagram post, "So after a grueling 10-week hospital stay and 8 million new cells, I’m finally back home with my new immune system thanks to my oldest brother."




She added, "It’s hard to talk about how difficult this period of my life has been, I’ve never felt so scared and uncertain about whether or not I might pull through. But I have and will continue to grow stronger and stronger."

However, despite everything she is living her "best life" while recovering from chemotherapy with the support of her family and friends. "Life is all about perspective, and I love sharing mine with you guys every day. Keep searching for those silver linings! Keep seizing every opportunity you get! And most importantly, keep laughing because it will see you through some terrible times, believe me!" she wrote on Instagram

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