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Woman develops a heartwarming friendship with a mama crow and her five babies: 'A Disney movie'

The woman has been feeding 'Mama Buddy' frequently for years now and even gets a cooing noise in response.

Woman develops a heartwarming friendship with a mama crow and her five babies: 'A Disney movie'
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

Experiencing the magic of connecting with animals in their natural habitat can make you feel like a character straight out of a Disney movie. Moreover, if you possess patience and openness, you may witness extraordinary interactions that surpass even your wildest dreams. A remarkable tale comes from a woman who formed an unexpected and enduring friendship with a crow, spanning an astonishing three years.

The two even "talk" to each other! She named the bird "Buddy" and shared an unexpected twist in the tale on Reddit, saying that "whenever I saw that crow, I would say 'Hi, Buddy!' After a long time, one-day last year, he responded, 'Buddy, Buddy!'"

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ralph
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ralph

Eventually, Buddy came to visit the poster yet again, but this time with a whole bunch of kids! The woman shared, "Well today, I found out Buddy is a girl and she brought me her babies. She introduced all five of them to me, and they all came to the ground for a little snack. I am delighted."

The woman explained that she had no idea what was happening when the entire group came to visit. "Mama Buddy does a cooing noise at me and when she sees my front window open, she knows I'm home and knows I'll answer. She cooed from outside, and I came out to talk to her. We did our normal back-and-forth banter, and I went inside to grab some fruit I had left over."

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

She further added, "As I threw it out to her, she came down and then so did her Littles. At first, I didn't know what was happening. I just turned and sat in my chair outside across from them and watched. Mama Buddy convinced each one to join her. Any time she would gather food in her mouth, they all would surround her with their hungry cawing mouths. That's when I realized she was bringing the babies. She turned around, cooed at me one more time, and they flew off together."

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

The woman even named the babies, but not everyone might be a fan of those names. In another post on Reddit, she shared, "I see some people asking if they had names, we did name them. Since they are called 'murder' when in a group, they've been lovingly named: Dahmer, Bundy, Jack and Wayne. My humor is dark, sorry if some are offended by the names."

Many animal lovers were touched by this unusual yet heartwarming story. u/ben129078 shared, "Crows are really intelligent. They can recognize human faces and can pass knowledge on to their offspring. So she introduced them to you because she trusts you. But also like, 'this is the human we talked about. The one who will give you snacks. That's the good one. Remember this one. Not like the other ones who are bad. This one is good."

u/dfjdejulio commented, "This is awesome. And I hope, with a few more steps, it ends up being the origin story of The Morrigan."

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