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Woman decides to quit after facing gender inequality and lack of proper compensation in current role

She was looking for a role change after facing gender inequality within the same organization but was kept in dark about the progression.

Woman decides to quit after facing gender inequality and lack of proper compensation in current role
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Tima Miroshnichecnko; (R) Reddit | u/SmolSmurf

The one thing that keeps individuals in the corporate world going is the promise of a promotion or perhaps some change of responsibilities. People who work tedious shifts for many years can burn out and want some change in their lives. In such cases, it's more than reasonable to ask for a shift in roles. Reddit user u/SmolSmurf shared her story on the platform about requesting such a change only to discover that she had been lied to by her boss.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

The post titled, "I caught my thumb head of a boss in a months-long lie," has gained over 1.1K upvotes on the platform. The individual starts by saying that she is a 29-year-old female who has been moved to a new project with the promise of growth in her career. However, that was not the case as she grew "incredibly miserable over the last year due to never-ending stress and sexism that's found working in this particular group project." Having had enough, the woman decided to approach her boss and ask to be reassigned to another project.

She writes, "He seemed to sympathize and shared he would talk to our senior director about a move for me." Soon, she received a call from her boss informing her that the senior director had agreed to her request as they wanted to retain her at the company. Some time went by after this, but the woman did not receive any communication. She checked in occasionally. However, they always reasoned that they were "still thinking of options."

Some more time went by and the senior director reached out to the woman, offering her a bonus of $2000 for all the hard work she had done that year. The woman felt that something was off and that she was being "paid to shut up." The director then revealed that if she wanted to leave the project, all she had to do was ask him. She writes, "So I'm sitting there, confused, because my supervisor had apparently shared with him months ago that this was my desire."

The woman decides to follow up with the senior director, only to find out that her manager had never told him about her request. She suspected that either her manager or senior director was lying to her. Or else, the senior director had forgotten about such a request altogether. She writes, "So none of the scenarios bode well." Realizing how badly they were treating her despite performing so well, she decided to apply to other companies.

Image Source: Reddit/u/durgadas
Image Source: Reddit | u/durgadas

She concludes the post requesting people to wish her luck on landing a better job. People on the site shared their own insights in the comments section. u/L1A1 commented, "At a guess, your supervisor has a bonus related to the project you're on. Removing you might affect that, so he didn't." u/Peroxyspike suggested, "Advice for your future job since you want to leave the current one but talking to a union representative is helpful to make sure your hierarchy takes action."

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