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Woman decides to call off her 5-year relationship. It all boiled down to a single donut.

It might seem like a trivial thing to break up over. But for this woman had enough.

Woman decides to call off her 5-year relationship. It all boiled down to a single donut.
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Alexander Grey; Reddit | u/idk-i-just-werk-here

Reddit user u/idk-i-just-werk-here, a 34-year-old woman shared how she planned to end her five-year-long relationship with her boyfriend over what might seem like a trivial topic. However, the impending breakup is the result of an odd build-up over time that had already formed cracks in their relationship. The woman started the post by announcing that she had decided to break up with her boyfriend over a donut. Then she revealed that she and her 35-year-old boyfriend were laid off from their jobs a little over two years ago.

Representational Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studio

Both worked in tech before losing their jobs. Soon after, she managed to secure a job, but he never did, as he never tried to apply. The boyfriend told her he wanted to transition into a new career and the woman decided to support him financially. Here is where the problem started to surface. "For two years, he's either done absolutely nothing but play video games all day while I foot the bill or dabbles in even less stable self-employed career paths," the post read. She even supported him to pursue a career in social media, but he never took that seriously either.

"I have sacrificed things I want and need time and time again to get him supplies and subscriptions for his ventures. He would swear he needs it to succeed and then he'll be able to contribute to the bills," the woman lamented as she paid for it all from her vacation funds and money saved for investments on what was necessary for survival. The man didn't even contribute to the household work like cooking or cleaning and even accidentally broke her stuff or damaged it, claiming that "they can easily replace it." The post continued and she addressed how everything went back to square one and he did nothing, "We have had countless fights where I tell him how financially abused I feel. I tell him he needs to get a job because I can't do this anymore and he will beg for forgiveness."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Timur Weber
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Timur Weber

Things crossed the limit for this couple when he ended up eating her share of food she had ordered for both of them on Uber Eats for breakfast. "I was on a quick work call. When I got off the call, he had already finished. I asked him where my doughnut was and he said he had eaten it. He had eaten his whole two-egg bacon toast pancake meal, a muffin, hashbrowns and my doughnut. He said he never saw me order doughnuts before, so he assumed it must have been for him," the woman wrote.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Ok-Neighborhood-4158
Image Source: Reddit | u/Ok-Neighborhood-4158

That was the final straw for her as she realized how he didn't care for anyone but himself. "Now I'm sitting here wondering how to separate myself from someone completely dependent on me," she concluded and later thanked people in the community for providing her with valuable advice. u/kiiraskd wrote "The doughnut wasn't just a doughnut, it was a representation of your relationship. You gave him everything you could and he took everything and more, even that little thing you saved for yourself to make you feel good."

Image Source: Reddit | u/spamgoddess
Image Source: Reddit | u/spamgoddess

u/DrCraniac2023 quipped, "Tell him it's over and he has 30 days to find a new place to live. Separate everything. Only discuss what needs to be discussed, such as moving arrangements and money." u/Ilovesucculents_24 commented, "Bro really said 'huh, there's no other food left. She must have ordered everything for me only.' It's not about the doughnut, it's the thought. I'm a selfless person and I always think about others in my actions, sometimes too much where I sacrifice my own mental health." u/Antique-Adeptness491 advised, "No mam. You needed to leave him like yesterday. He is a man-child. You can do so much better. You need to leave him. Your life will keep going downhill if you stay."

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