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Woman decides to adopt an elderly dog and comes across a coincidence proving it was 'meant to be'

When she went in to meet her adopted dog for the first time, she noticed something that made her tear up.

Woman decides to adopt an elderly dog and comes across a coincidence proving it was 'meant to be'
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Animal Resource Center

One cannot grasp the depth of the phrase “it’s meant to be" unless one comes across an experience advocating the same. However, fate plays its tricks and stunts and rightly as it is said, what’s meant to find its way. Animal Resource Center shared a heart-melting post on Facebook about their longest canine resident Ella and her victorious adoption into the home of Kaitlyn. However, the fateful vibrancy of this story is that there is a connection between Ella and Kaitlyn’s late beloved pet dog, Jo. Their emotional bonding pointed out loud and clear that Ella was the one for Kaitlyn.


Sharing in their caption, the staff wrote, “We had an extremely special adoption this morning; you might want to grab a tissue real quick for this one.” The center then revealed that after a long and mesmerizing journey with Ella, Kaitlyn stepped in to take her home. “Last week, our shelter manager opened her email to a message we’ve been hoping we’d get to see day after day over the last seven years. The subject line: Interested in adopting Ella.” The post further mentioned that they met with Kaitlyn to carry out their regular procedure, where Kaitlyn shared the heartbreaking news that her dog Jo had passed away and she wasn’t able to move on.


After a few months, Kaitlyn mustered the strength to get another dog and came across Ella. The post then expressed something remarkably tear-jerking. It read, “When Ella first saw Kaitlyn, we think she already knew that this is my person. Ella is a dog that has a fear of aggression and needs multiple visits for her to get comfortable with you. But not with Kaitlyn; it’s like Ella picked her.” They also mentioned that Ella immediately went over to Kaitlyn without hesitation and made her way through for tummy scratches, petting and pampering. The staff noticed something off nearing the end of Kaitlyn’s visit with Ella. They noticed the woman tearing up as she looked at Ella.


The post then shared Kaitlyn’s wholesome observation, which made her realize that Ella is the one for her. The post read, “She looked up at staff, pulling up a picture of her dog Jo wearing a bandana and said, ‘This bandana that Ella is wearing, it’s Jo’s. I donated them all here when he passed.’” The staff couldn’t help but tear up at the adorable coincidence. Kaitlyn now has a sentimental connection with Jo and Ella. To add to the heartwarming conversation, the staff shared, “Out of the 20 dogs in our shelter right now, this bandana. This specific bandana. Jo’s bandana. It was on Ella.” To this, Kaitlyn replied best, saying, “I like to think of it as Jo’s stamp of approval.”


Sharing a heartfelt tribute to Ella, the post concluded, “Every morning, Ella used to pop up off her bed and greet us at the door of her kennel right away. We’ll miss that tomorrow; it’ll be such a bittersweet moment realizing that as we pause to reflect on a few of our favorite times with Ella, but my goodness, the amount of pure happiness we will feel knowing Ella finally got what she deserved.” With over 500 comments, many were in awe of the new-found duo. Vicky Truby Burnside said, “Ella has hit the jackpot with her new momma! Kaitlyn is going to spoil her and surround her with love beyond measure!" Becki Benko said, “Next time, I’ll listen when you warn us! Happy, happy tears. It was meant to be!”


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