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Woman cries tears of joy upon being gifted her dream dog after '2 years of begging'

Overwhelmed with joy, she is moved to tears and even lies on the floor to absorb the moment.

Woman cries tears of joy upon being gifted her dream dog after '2 years of begging'
Image Source: TikTok | @stuartthegoldenwe

The feeling of receiving a gift that you have always wanted can not be described in just a few words. However, that overwhelming joy of being surprised by our loved ones is counted among the most special memories of our life. In a video recently uploaded on TikTok by @stuartthegoldenwe, we see a woman on cloud nine after her boyfriend gifts her a pet dog.

The text overlay on the video reads, "Surprising my girlfriend with a puppy after two years of begging." In the video, we see the girl entering the room and looking at the gift kept on the table. Her boyfriend is sitting on a sofa next to it. She asks him what is in the box and then in disbelief, she realizes that it was the gift her heart had desired for the past two years.

Image Source: Image Source: TikTok | @stuartthegoldenwe
Image Source: Image Source: TikTok | @stuartthegoldenwe

The woman was so overwhelmed and touched by the gift that she could not even breathe. Further in the video, we see that she lies on the floor and rests as she sheds tears of joy. Then, her boyfriend hands over the puppy to her and she holds the puppy and cries. We also hear her saying, "I need something cold on my hand, I cannot breathe still, haha. Still hurt, I cannot breathe."

Image Source: TikTok | @
Image Source: TikTok | @ stuartthegoldenwe

Throughout this video, we see her crying upon receiving what she wanted for the past two years. The man captioned the clip, "After 2 straight years of daily begging, thousands of dm's of puppies and relentless bartering, I finally caved. If you know Jenna you know how much she wanted this day to come. Thanks to everyone who kept the surprise a secret and thanks to the 3 people who almost blew up the entire operation but managed to keep it together. Please swipe right to enjoy Jenna losing her mind. Welcome home, Stuart."

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok

People were touched by this video and made it viral quickly. Ever since it has gone online, the clip has gathered 3 million likes and over 28 thousand comments. @Sarah Schmalen wrote, "Okay, but we are all here for this journey now. So, we're gonna need daily updates on your girlfriend and the puppy 'cause we love them both - thanks." @balutskii commented, "This made me cry with happiness for you! But also giving Kristen Bell and her sloth love vibes." @Cassey dropped a sweet comment of her own, "Oh my god, this was the sweetest, realest thing ever."

@LaurenAkenson knew what the woman must have felt as she shared, "I would have the same reaction if my husband got me another dog. He won’t since the current one has cost us like $10,000."

"Whatever was weighing on her heart was immediately healed at that moment - I know that feeling," commented @jenss612. @jamie.moore2691 joined the celebration and wrote: "I was not expecting to cry like this today but here we are. So happy for you guys."

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