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Woman cries happy tears after husband surprises her with 50th birthday wish over the radio

We can definitely take cues from this husband who has gotten celebrating milestones down perfectly!

Woman cries happy tears after husband surprises her with 50th birthday wish over the radio
Cover Image Source: Reddit/Thund3rbolt

There is something special about birthdays that make you want to shower your significant other with affection. Every year you get to spend with your spouse is a milestone, and when the birthdays are jubilee years, the expectations are high. We can definitely take cues from this husband on Reddit, who has gotten celebrating milestones down perfectly.



A Reddit user, who goes by the name u/Thund3rbolt, took to the popular subreddit r/MadeMeSmile to post an adorable video of a woman tearing up at a surprise her husband had set up for her 50th birthday. In the video, a woman can be seen checking her phone, when an RJ on the radio suddenly wishes her a very happy birthday. The RJ says, "A very special happy birthday to Julie from Nottingham. Chris wants to tell you Julie how much he still loves you after 25 years together and he's so very proud of you."

The RJ also spoke about the location where Chris proposed to Julie, as well as their favorite music and the memories associated with it. Julie appears stunned at first but overwhelmed with emotion when she realizes what is happening, a few seconds into the video. Julie's husband can be seen passing into the room, seeing his wife's reaction, and appearing pleased with himself. Julie, dressed in a blue gown, bursts into tears, clearly amazed at the surprise. The video was titled, "Husband Surprises Wife With 50th Birthday Wish Over The Radio."



A user commented, "For god sake, someone give that woman a hug!" Another user commented, "This actually made me smile and I'm not a mushy person but it was just so sweeeet! You can see how much it meant to her." "Chris should put the phone down and go hug his crying wife," another added. "Guess hubby still got it! Keeping the magic real!!" another user said.

Yet another user shared their own charming story, "That's so beautiful. I have a funny similar story tho. Mum used to drive me to school as a kid, I was maybe in year 6 on the way to school one morning, and unbeknownst to me, mum had rung LincsFM for a birthday shout-out to me in the morning. Anyway, me and mum got into some conversation that morning and she turned down the radio to chat, forgetting what she'd organized. It wasn't until we got to school that the headmaster said 'oh I heard your birthday on the radio!' And my mum nearly cried. I think it made me remember it more, but yeah I still find that hilarious!"

A similar love story is grabbing at readers' heartstrings. Navy petty officer third class Morton "Mort" Block was 19 when he met the then-17-year-old Susan Weber on the beach while on shore leave back in the States. It was love at first sight for him. "She took my breath away," recalled Block, now 82, in an interview. "I knew she was the one. But I wasn't sure she felt the same way about me. I thought, 'I'm going to write my feelings down and put them to music.'"


As a trumpet player who dabbled in jazz groups from time to time, the sailor penned down a beautiful ballad for his lover titled "My Love." Over six decades later, the song he penned down for her is going viral on TikTok. "It's unbelievable. I never thought anything like this would ever happen, especially at this age," said Block, who has two sons and five grandchildren with Weber. "It's like a fresh start."

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