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Woman creates chart so co-workers can understand if they are mansplaining

For those who doubt if they often mansplain on various issues, the flowchart by Kim Goodwin is a good place to start.

Woman creates chart so co-workers can understand if they are mansplaining

Mansplaining is when a man explains something in an overconfident, patronizing tone, despite being inaccurate a lot of times. The roots of mansplaining are often rooted in sexism, patriarchy, and arrogance. Men are rarely deterred by logic, lack of knowledge, or common sense when they feel the need to assert themselves as the expert in the relevant topic. In most cases, it's beyond them to even assume that someone else knows better than them. When called out, most men defend themselves and mansplain mansplaining. However, some do want to change. Co-workers of Kim Goodwin asked her how they could figure out if they were unwittingly mansplaining to others.

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The Twitter user decided to spell it out for her co-workers and then shared the result on the platform for the benefit of others who wanted to check themselves from mansplaining. She literally drew a flow-chart, so anyone could figure out if they were mansplaining. You can see her chart here:



Goodwin was asked what if there situations where she felt mansplained to. "I get it most in professional contexts, where some guy feels the need to explain basic concepts, or insists I don’t understand something (that I actually have more knowledge of). They are often things I’ve written and taught extensively about," wrote Goodwin. 




Of course, her timeline was then swamped with men who wanted to explain how she got her chart wrong and accused her of reverse mansplaining.  



However, many could relate to what Goodwin had laid out. 


















The flowchart was similar to the one posted on the platform by ElleArmageddon. And, of course, there were men telling them they'd done it wrong.




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