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Cat owner's mom creates adorable book about cat's daily adventures during his two-week stay with her

Ricky the cat might have gone to his owner's mom's house only for two weeks but turned into a mini-celebrity during the time frame.

Cat owner's mom creates adorable book about cat's daily adventures during his two-week stay with her
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @goldfishclub

Pets mean a lot to their owners. They treat them like their children and provide them with everything they want. However, there is someone who cares more for them, and that's the grandparents. They might not be so interested in getting a pet at first, but once they are in the house, you know who adores them the most. And this TikTok video is a true example of that.  A TikTok user @goldfishclub posted pictures of a book that her mother made when she left her cat, Ricky at her home for two weeks. It is captioned, "I'll never run out of content." The book is titled, "Ricky goes to Gramma's and Grampa's 2019."

TikTok | @goldfishclub
TikTok| @goldfishclub


The inside pages have adorable pictures of Ricky, first with a small suitcase. It is captioned, "Mommy said I was going to Gramma and Grampa. I packed my suitcase ready to go." Then it talks about the things that Ricky did at Gramma's house which included doing the dishes, taking a nap, playing with cousin Jasper, watching cartoons with Grampa, and playing in Grampa's boxes. It was also mentioned that the cat was given his own play area. "Gramma gave me my own play area. There was a brand-new toy waiting for me. It was fun."

Every page has Ricky's pictures with captions. The book concludes with a picture of Ricky looking sad in a cat carrier. The caption reads, "Then mom came to get me. I got in my cat carrier because you have to be safe in the car. I'll miss Gramma and Grampa."

TikTok | @goldfishclub
TikTok| @goldfishclub


The video went viral with more than 5.7 million views and 1.5 million likes. Many on the platform loved the book and wanted to see more of it. @Slightly_panicking commented, "Where can I find more Ricky titles?" Another user @daintyfangs said, "I would die for Ricky, Gramma, and Grampa." @girlgroupsupremacy wrote, "my parents didn’t even put this much effort into making scrapbooks for ME." While user @heartssosavage said, "This is GOLD. I want to see “Ricky Learns to Drive🥰," another user, @mama2krebbies commented, "Excuse me but this is the sweetest, funniest thing I've seen on this app. 😂😂😂🥰"

TikTok | @goldfishclub
TikTok| @goldfishclub


In another beautiful story about a cat, a couple built a home for a stray cat that wandered into their yard the previous summer and stayed. The story was shared by their daughter on Reddit with the username u/roachy1979. "It’s now winter here in Manitoba and my dad put a cat church with a heater outside for him. It’s +9c for him inside his home," she added.  Moreover, the couple also gave the cat hot meals and warm milk at regular intervals. The daughter shared a picture of the cat and the beautiful house her dad made for the cat.



The adorable post went viral on the platform with over 18,000 upvotes. Reddit user  u/Penguinz90 commented, "I've got news for you....that's no longer a stray. Your parents have officially been adopted." The original poster agreed and replied, "You’re definitely right!! They send pics of him, he’s so sweet!!" Another user, u/entropy33, who also lives in the same town commented, "That’s so sweet! I’m also Manitoban and it is very hard not to go around my neighborhood 'adopting' all of the cats who are out in this weather."

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