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Woman changes each compliment to 'fat' on autocorrect on boyfriend's phone resulting in funny mixup

The woman had a fun idea to prank her boyfriend and all she needed to do was change some words in the autocorrect feature of his phone.

Woman changes each compliment to 'fat' on autocorrect on boyfriend's phone resulting in funny mixup
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @julieandcorey

The key to a healthy relationship is the presence of good communication with a sprinkle of humor between the partners. It looks like Julie B. totally understood the assignment as she executed her awesome plan for her partner Corey. She posted a video on their combined TikTok account @julieandcorey, which gained a lot of traction in the community and surely made everyone giggle at how witty the whole prank was. She did not do something major, but just changed every word of praise to "fat" on his phone's autocorrect. "Changing every compliment to fat on his autocorrect," the overlay text on the video read as a sweet picture of the couple appeared in the background.

Image Source: TikTok | @julieandcorey
Image Source: TikTok | @julieandcorey

The first thing Julie did was open the text replacement setting on Corey's iPhone and replace words like "cute," "hot," "pretty" and "beautiful," which he mostly uses while complimenting her, with "fat." Then it was time to engage in a text exchange to see how Corey would react to the unexpected autocorrect. Julie texted Corey, feeling disheartened over something and wrote that she felt "ugly." Corey quickly jumped to comfort her with some compliments but to his confusion, every time he tried to use certain words to compliment her, it automatically got corrected to the word "fat."


While Julie was having a good laugh over it, Corey was puzzled by the sudden change and he tried to figure out the problem. Julie faked getting offended as Corey unwillingly typed "fat" over and over again. Fed up with the issue, he admitted that there must be something wrong with his phone. Then Corey decided to give it one last shot and managed to spell out beautiful with period signs between each letter and it worked to relay his honest message. But in the end, he still ends up writing: "I have been trying to say fat this entire time." The autocorrect prank managed to fool him till the end.

Image Source: TikTok | @julieandcorey
Image Source: TikTok | @julieandcorey

The TikTok audience was having a good laugh at the prank. @kisszek wrote: "The way he eventually found a way to say it but then he ruined it at the end." @sttanhme appreciated: "How he found an alternative solution to it instead of giving up amazes me. We all love a persistent man." @livingthatmomlife commented: "I’m dying, like I’m literally laughing out loud right now!! Shaking my whole bed laughing." @bb8.lyssa quipped: "I did this to my mom but changed no to yes and grandma to pigeon just because I thought that was funny." @fortnite.slurp.juice joked: "My boyfriend doesn’t compliment me enough for him to even notice if I did this."

Image Source: TikTok | @no._x
Image Source: TikTok | @no._x

@julieandcorey this might have been the funniest one so far LMAO #prank ♬ Her Way (Sped Up) - PARTYNEXTDOOR


Couples often pull off harmless pranks on each other to keep their relationship lively. Just like Julie, a woman named Kristina decided to hilariously prank her husband after he passed the bar exam. She was prepared for both good and bad outcomes when her husband Tyler took the Texas State bar exam. He ultimately passed the exam but she deliberately mixed up his celebratory cookie cake as a prank. The video that was posted on Reddit by u/Rollo_Tomasi3000 earned a lot of laughs from the community. When her husband came ahead to read the letters in icing on the cake, Kristina quickly rushed to get another box of cookie cake.


The icing on this one read: "Congrats Mr. Attorney! Never doubted you for a second." Her husband loved this little prank and can be heard laughing throughout the video. "You're so lame, come here!" Tyler said between his laughter. The couple even featured on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" after their video went viral. The singer congratulated Tyler on passing his bar exam and told Kristina, "I love that you were prepared for either outcome. That was very sweet of you, but also hilarious that you gave him the wrong cookie." "I never doubted him, you know, but I wanted to make sure I had my bases covered and we were gonna celebrate with cookie cake, no matter what," Kristina replied.

You can follow Julie B & Corey (@julieandcorey) on TikTok for more couple and lifestyle content.

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