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Woman can't contain her glee when grandaughter colors her hair in vibrant shades of the rainbow

A grandma and her hairstylist granddaughter went viral on TikTok after coloring the senior's hair in vibrant shades of the rainbow.

Woman can't contain her glee when grandaughter colors her hair in vibrant shades of the rainbow
Image Source: TikTok/@thecolorchemist

Coloring hair can be a fun and exciting way to express oneself and enhance one's appearance. It allows for creativity and experimentation with different shades and styles and can give a boost of confidence and self-esteem. Whether it's a subtle change or a bold transformation, the joy of coloring hair comes from the feeling of being able to customize and personalize one's look and the satisfaction of seeing the final result. A grandma is now experimenting with her hair with the help of her granddaughter who is a hairstylist. She recently posted a video of the senior's makeover on TikTok that went viral with over 5.8 million views.

Image Source: TikTok/@thecolorchemist
Image Source: TikTok/@thecolourchemist

In the video, she can be seen coloring her grandmother's hair in shades of the rainbow. The video is filled with laughter and smiles as they both get excited about coloring her hair in vibrant rainbow colors. The grandma is all for this crazy idea and the end result is absolutely gorgeous. Her hair looks wonderful and she has a big smile on her face. In a world where older women are expected to let go of their preferences and appearance, this provides a refreshing perspective to everyone. TikTok users absolutely loved the video and @amberbamber813 commented, "I love the constant excitement in this video."

Image Source: TikTok/@thecolorchemist
Image Source: TikTok/@thecolourchemist

Another person @the_hamilyfamily commented, "Her smile and laughter is everything!!! Thanks for sharing!!" @laura_not_lora_ said, "Her laugh that's great, her hair looks amazing, she's a beautiful person." TikTok user @f_4_m_l said, "I love Grandmas. When they are mothers, they are strict about all that. But once they hit a certain age, they revert back to being carefree women. I love it." Many people even claimed her as their own grandma and appreciated her ability adapt to the new ideals of the current generation.

Image Source: TikTok/@thecolorchemist
Image Source: TikTok/@thecolourchemist


In another similar instance, a 79-year-old grandmother enrolled for university, proving that age is not a limit to doing anything. Decades ago, Sharon Barber had postponed her education to take care of her family. After retiring as a substitute teacher and having 16 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren, she revisited the campus. Barber admitted to CBS News that her first few classes were intimidating as she struggled to comprehend her textbooks. However, her classmate Sonia Gonzalez expressed admiration for Barber, stating that age should not be a barrier to education, and Barber's return to school is proof of that.

Known as "Grandma Great," Barber has gained popularity on TikTok, amassing over 2 million followers. Her content serves as an inspiration to both on-campus and online viewers. "I have 2.2 million TikTok grandchildren," she remarked, adding that she feels she is able to connect with people. Barber is a living testament to the idea that age should not limit one's potential, as she believes that anyone can accomplish anything they set their mind to, as long as they possess the drive and courage to do so. According to Freshered, her videos are motivational and uplifting, and she addresses her viewers as "beautiful friends." She encourages everyone to "just do it" and do their best, regardless of age. 

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