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Woman blown away after friend asks her out on a date and sent her a Google Form to fill out

TikTok users have essentially crowned the man the most dateable guy ever after the video went viral.

Woman blown away after friend asks her out on a date and sent her a Google Form to fill out
Cover Image Source: TikTok/maytheeleven

One man seems to have singlehandedly raised the bar for pre-first-date etiquette everywhere after a thoughtful and incredibly sweet gesture of his stole the internet's heart. TikTok users have essentially crowned the Vancouver-based Graham McCarthy the most dateable guy ever after a video about how he sent out a Google Form to his date ahead of their first date went viral on the platform. Shared by a woman named Katrina Froese, the video shows the lengths to which McCarthy went to ensure that they had the perfect first date. "A friend of mine recently asked me out on a date and after I said yes, he sent me a Google Form. Let's go through it together, why don't we?" Froese says in the video.

The Google Form begins by congratulating Froese on scoring a date with McCarthy. "You have agreed to go on a date with Graham. Congratulations! He promises a good time with your preferences in mind," it states. The form then provides space for a name and an RSVP followed by a question about when the person would like to start the date. Then comes a multiple-choice section for what kind of date the person would like to go on, including "Dinner and a movie," "Dinner and Imagine Van Gogh," "Beach day & Ice cream," "Hike or Outdoor option," etc. while also leaving space for Froese to suggest some ideas of her own.


Here are my real time reactions of the before, and after of the famous “Google Form Graham” date. @instagraham.mcc ##googleformdate

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The next section had options for food that Froese enjoyed and a free-response section for any and all allergies and dietary restrictions. Next came a scale for her to pick how fancy she'd like their first date to be. While Froese chose to keep things "everyday casual," she still received a "fancy-schmancy" invitation to the date while she was driving to meet him. Froese also revealed that their date — which she described as "lovely" — was followed by an exit interview. Yup, this guy didn't leave any stone unturned.

Image Source: Google Forms/Graham McCarthy

The exit survey - date night edition, states: "In the interest of professionalism and giving dating the structure and administrative bureaucracy it has always deserved, Graham has requested you fill out this optional exit survey." The survey involved questions that asked Froese to rank her date on a scale of awkward to charming, as well as to "describe [the] date as a shade of blue." Froese ended the video by revealing that she is now dating McCarthy long-distance and "that's fun."

The video, which has been viewed over 5.7 million times since being posted earlier this month, was followed by several follow-up videos, including one from McCarthy himself. In a video addressing the popularity of his pre-first-date Google Form, he explained that he decided to send Froese the form as a way to break the ice. He also shared that while he is okay with others using his form as a template for their future dates, he would strongly recommend that folks personalize their forms according to the likes and dislikes of the person they're sending it to. "If you use a form to ask somebody out, make it for them. You know them better than my form does. You know what they like," he says in the video.


Reply to @shanson3871 I swear my content isn’t usually entirely boy-crazy but gosh.

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"You know what they want and you know what you would love to do with them," he continues. "If you use a form, make sure that you have their preferences in mind but also, make sure that you're going to do something that you would love to do with them. Because that's going to make the date go so much smoother and so much better. Even if this is a match that you found on Hinge, Bumble, or Tinder, have a conversation and see what are the kinds of things that they like. Take a few guesses, look up what's going on in your city and see what you would love to do with this person."


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