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Woman believes that men actually need to stay apart from their partners to fall in love

Could distance be the true elixir of love? People on the internet debate over this woman's claims about men and relationships.

Woman believes that men actually need to stay apart from their partners to fall in love
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @.amandajeanne

It is a common belief that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Whether it's true or not varies from relationship to relationship. While some people might feel that they've grown closer while being apart, others feel that distance leads to fading emotions. However, a woman believes that men need to stay apart from their partners to fall in love. Amanda Jeanne—who goes by @.amandajeanne on TikTok—posted a video expressing her belief that this couldn't have been more true.

Image Source: TikTok | @.amandajeanne
Image Source: TikTok | @.amandajeanne

As the video began, Jeanne said, "I just heard that men are more likely to fall in love with women when they are away from them, when they are on their own." She pointed out that this happens because it gives men the time to process their thoughts and feelings by themselves. "Whereas women, we fall more in love when we are with the person, right?" she continued. Jeanne explained that women need to be next to a person and see them and hear them fall more in love. "We fall in love in that way. That made sense to me," the woman expressed.

Image Source: TikTok | @.amandajeanne
Image Source: TikTok | @.amandajeanne

"The fact that men might be falling more in love with us when they're away from us is like simultaneously the craziest thing I've ever heard but on one hand it's like, wait, that actually feels like it makes sense." Jeanne captioned the video, "Cut to me telling my boyfriend that I think we should have more alone time." The video received over 13.6 million views and more than 1.5 million likes. People took to the comments section to support or refute the theory.

Image Source: TikTok | @dassaicecreamcohen
Image Source: TikTok | @dassaicecreamcohen
Image Source: TikTok |
Image Source: TikTok |

@bvale014 wrote, "Since we are sharing come back stories, I had one reach out two years later on LinkedIn…Lol, that’s when I learned how to block on LinkedIn." @jury.duty commented, "Distance makes me realize that they aren’t needed in my life. But I do agree that it can also show how much someone adds to your life as well." @nschaeffer20 pointed out, "This makes me think that the people who fall in love when they are away = falling for an idealized version of the person. Not the actual person."

@grace.stets shared, "Why they ALWAYS come back…I had a guy who I hadn’t heard from for 4 years reach out via email at midnight, truly insane." @st0ned1iv expressed, "Kept my boyfriend at a distance for the first 4 months and he’s so in love with me. He's obsessed to the point that he sees me as a prize rather than just his girlfriend."

In another similar story, a woman whose husband fell in love with her best friend shared an important lesson about relationships. After the heart-wrenching incident in her life Katelynn Smith, who goes by @katelynn0009 on Instagram, learned that she should never beg anyone to stay in her life. "I know my worth and I hope you do too," she said. Smith believes that people who are supposed to stay in your life will stay regardless of mistakes and imperfections in a person. "If it's so easy for someone to leave, then they were never truly meant to be with you, long-term anyway," Smith pointed out.

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She shared that people who want to make it work will do it regardless of whatever happens. Hence, a person shouldn't stretch themselves too thin for a person to stay in their life. Although Smith believes that there's nothing wrong with fighting for a relationship, a person should look out for themselves first if they are the only ones making an effort. Many people could resonate with what she had to say.

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