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Woman becomes nurse practitioner at the same hospital where she worked as a janitor

She worked at the hospital for a decade before working her way up and completing all the qualifications required to be a nurse practitioner.

Woman becomes nurse practitioner at the same hospital where she worked as a janitor
Cover Image Source: YouTube | CBS News

Some stories prove that determination can help us achieve anything. Jaines Andrades is a perfect example, starting as a custodian at Baystate Hospital in Massachusetts with an ambitious dream. At the same time, she was also studying to become a nurse. It had always been her dream to work in healthcare. So, when the opportunity to work at a hospital opened for her, she left her job at a fast food chain as a janitor and joined the custodial staff of the hospital. "Even if it was cleaning, as long as I was near patient care, I'd be able to observe things. I thought it was a good idea," the nurse told the CBS affiliate WBZ TV.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Joshua McKnight
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Joshua McKnight

"When do you let a random stranger into your life? Into the most personal parts of your life? Rarely. As a nurse, we get that. I just really love the intimacy with people," Andrades shared with CNN. When she started working in environmental services as a janitor, her job was to clean operating rooms. She worked hard at her job because her central goal was to help people. "As nurses and providers, we get the credit more often, but people in environmental and phlebotomy and dietary, all of them, have such a huge role. I couldn't do my job without them," she added. "It's tough to be the person that cleans. If I had to go back and do it again, I would. It's so worth it."


After working at the hospital for almost a decade, Andrades became a registered nurse first and eventually a nurse practitioner. She is also the leading nurse practitioner at the Springfield Hospital. Her story has inspired many people, and she is delighted to be a source of inspiration. "I'm so appreciative and like in awe that my story can inspire people," Andrades expressed. "I'm so glad. If I can inspire anyone, that in itself made the journey worth it," she added. She took to Facebook to post about her remarkable journey. The post was a picture of three IDs. One said "Custodian Environmental Services," another said "Registered Nurse" and the third one read "Nurse Practitioner, Trauma Surgery." The caption read, "10 years of work, but it was worth it! I'm a provider at the same place I used to clean."


Jennifer Fajardo commented on the post, "I am proud of you, Babe. Always remember God took you there to cure bodies and for him to heal their soul. Congratulations, I celebrate your success. I love you." Ceyla Calderon Lopez wrote, "Proud of you. I remember the first time I met you, you were about 11 years old and told me you would become a nurse. God Bless you." Lola Rios expressed, "I cannot love this enough! Inspirational." Norma Rodriguez shared, "Congratulations! That's an amazing accomplishment. You have a wonderful journey. God bless you. Good luck on your new journey!"


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