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Woman becomes a millionaire by winning a lottery with a ticket that she didn't even buy

As a birthday gift from her in-laws, she initially thought it was a joke and almost forgot about it for three days.

Woman becomes a millionaire by winning a lottery with a ticket that she didn't even buy
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

Many people go through their days waiting for a miracle to happen. However, for a woman in South Australia, her miracle became a reality when she got a humongous lottery prize despite not buying the lottery ticket, as reported by Yahoo! News. She never thought in a million years that a birthday gift that she attached no value to would end up changing her life, making her a millionaire. A few days ago, she was a common woman trying to run a house, but today she is a bonafide millionaire because of a lottery ticket she did not even bother to check for the result.

Image Source: Pexels/ Photo by Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

The woman is from South Australia and her total earning from the lottery is a $2.58 million Lotto prize. She never imagined in her dreams that she would become a lottery winner, so much so that she did not even bother to buy a ticket. On the occasion of her birthday, her in-laws thought of giving her a unique gift of a Lotto ticket, whose results were to be out on Saturday. Seeing the gift, the woman thought of it as a prank. She thought they were trying to pull her leg, making her dream of getting the lottery.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | 
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Waldemar

Today, she's glad about the prank and said, "It's so surreal. What a great birthday gift!" She further shared how she almost lost her golden opportunity as she tucked the ticket in her postbox for three days. It was only when her close ones pushed her to bring the ticket out and check that she remembered about it. She reminisced about the moment when she found out about her win and said, "We opened it up, checked the ticket, and was blown away. I thought that I would've just won $20 - not $2.58 million!"

She wants to tick off a lot of items from her bucket list with the money. Her first aim is to use the money to buy her a house, which she has wanted for a long time. Also, she is not forgetting her in-laws, who are the reason behind all this happening and wants to give them back. She encapsulated her emotions by saying, "This ticket is a gift, so we look forward to giving back to our families. They've changed our lives and we look forward to doing the same." The golden numbers for the Saturday Lotto draw on July 29 were 45, 42, 3, 32, 37 and 14.


It is not the first time Australia is witnessing a tale of a change in fortune through a lottery. A man belonging to Swan Valley in Western Australia was shocked when he realized he had won the lottery 8 days after the result was announced, as reported by Yahoo! News. The delay showcases how out of the left field all of this was for him. He won 40 million dollars through a Powerball win. The ticket purchase was a last-minute thing for the man and he did it without any kind of expectation 1 hour before the results.

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