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Woman asks people to stop dueting videos but they did it anyway and it's now a work of art

A woman asked people to stop making dueting videos and this is how they responded to it. The internet loves it.

Woman asks people to stop dueting videos but they did it anyway and it's now a work of art
Cover Image Source: TikTok |

Many trends keep emerging on social media, and after a while, they are followed by stitch videos and comments on them. One TikTok user made light of dueting videos, which led to TikTok user The Great LonDini (, disagreeing with this and then making a duet video about this video. The video starts with a woman saying, "Can we stop dueting videos when we have absolutely nothing to add to them? I don't need to know what you looked like watching that TikTok." Later in this video, a hand emerges and duets with this woman's comments.

Image Source: TikTok |
Image Source: TikTok |


Then, we see a belly emerge in a third collage, where we can see the belly and the hand dueting to this woman's comments. It is followed by another person, who emerges as part five of this collage, and the left hand of this person is seen along with some of their belly as they duet with this woman again. To add to the humor of this video, we see a man with feet as part six of this collage. We can also see his dog walking in his apartment. This man also duets with the woman's video. More and more videos emerge hereon, from colored marbles to a man holding a box to a woman standing in a yoga pose. While initially, a collage of these videos would not make complete sense, the video makes light of the woman's comment who said that she is not interested in duet videos. As far as duet videos are concerned, this video is a compilation of them and shows that people can make any videos they feel like and the internet is a place for all.

Image Source: TikTok |
Image Source: TikTok |


Many people agreed to this video and for this reason, it has garnered 1.3 million views, 191.9K likes and 8621 comments. Some TikTok users, such as @hello53, wrote, "It gets better every time. @ManusSweeney wrote, "The last one took me out." @Orangeyourchillcreations commented, "What is this form of art called? We need a hashtag for it. I want more." Another @KAYJAY commented, "This is one of the best videos on TikTok, I can't people are just hysterical and so creative."

Image Source: TikTok |
Image Source: TikTok |


This creative video did not just receive love from TikTok. It was also shared on Twitter by @bendavis_86 and the post has been captioned, "Every now and then something happens on TikTok that transcends social media and becomes a 'work of art.'" Even on Twitter, the video has been viewed 1.6 million times and has 5,502 retweets and 23.8K likes. Many Twitter users offered words of appreciation as well.



One user, @DavidKidd wrote, "They all win the Internet." @Tero Kuittinen even tweeted, "One day when humanity is all but dead, some solitary survivor will find this in a bunker archive and shed a tear for what we once achieved as a species." @gareth.evans@unmusic even joked, "Legend has it that this is how God created man, the earth, and the universe and that it is still growing at an exponential rate."

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