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Woman asks mom influencers to show the realistic and 'non-aesthetic' side of parenting

Woman shares how social media should have people posting more relatable content rather than unattainable ideals.

Woman asks mom influencers to show the realistic and 'non-aesthetic' side of parenting
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @elledotmo

Social media is a place where many go to escape reality. For many it is fun to see the finer side of life, which might practically be unattainable for them in their real lives. Elle—who goes by @elledotmo on TikTok—understands all that but still wishes that more people were open with the 'non-aesthetic' parts of their lives. She wants to see the struggles that other people go through in their lives so that they can be a support network for each other. In her opinion often relatable content is also important to convey that they are all in the same boat. Her video garnered a ton of attention and earned 320k views in no time.

Image Source: TikTok/@elledotmo
Image Source: TikTok/@elledotmo

The video was made as a stitch with @nicholemaffey who shared her frustration with influencers constantly shoving their unattainable "morning routines" on her face. Elle presented the "mom edition" of this rant. Though she is not against the "influencer culture" she is tired of seeing stuff that's "not real." The woman explained, "This app used to be for people just being themselves and telling the truth about their lives..." But now people are not doing that anymore, they are showing things that are impossible for people with conventional setups to do in their daily lives.

Image Source: TikTok/@elledotmo
Image Source: TikTok/@elledotmo

The mother wants her "For You" page to be filled with content that shows people how to "conquer the mountain of laundry that has been...piling up for weeks and you have literally no idea how you are going to do it." Even though it is messy, it is something that happens to the majority of people trying to juggle multiple responsibilities. She continued, "I want to see the non-aesthetic kitchens because even though we like to be minimalist there is stuff everywhere all the time." No one has the time to go through the entire wringer of washing the dishes, drying them, and then putting them away. The mess is the norm and people should know it.

Elle wants to see stories of "parents who don't have time to go on a date night and how they still creatively spend time together because they don't have any family nearby and they just don't trust any babysitter to watch their kids." These parents don't have time to care about getting an aesthetic night for their date, they would be lucky to even get time together. She does not want "influencer content" not because she relishes in the "struggle" or "negativity" of things but because most of the people are "not living these aesthetically perfect lifestyles where everything's all soft and cozy...and looks nice and smells nice all day." In her opinion, there is a lot of potential in being inspired by these kinds of content. They can realistically show individuals how they can incorporate small tweaks in their lives to make them more comfortable. Individuals can use the platform to come together and help each other. 

Elle ends with, "I think the future of marketing and advertising is going to be so interesting because people today just don't want to be marketed to, it is almost like either the products have to speak for themselves or you have to see people who use them without advertising it first. I'm tired of being influenced."

Image Source: TikTok/@livingintheabundance
Image Source: TikTok | @livingintheabundance
Image Source: TikTok/@afisch15
Image Source: TikTok | @afisch15

The comment section expanded on her views by adding their own points. @saykay727 shared how even making relatable content is a task and wrote, "I’ve said often I want to do cooking tutorials but my kitchen isn’t clean enough to with three kids and two adults eating three meals a day here." @trish7157 commented about the kind of content she would like to see, "Setting wash timer on the phone so I don’t forget to flip the wash!! Letting kid's rooms stay messy to an extent it’s their room. Doing one load of laundry."

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