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Woman asks if she's wrong for commenting on her date's appearance when he was being rude to her

A 23-year-old woman went on a date that went horribly wrong. She wondered if some things she said were out of line.

Woman asks if she's wrong for commenting on her date's appearance when he was being rude to her
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Khoa Vo; Reddit | u/Wide_Chemical_674

There are several ways a person's date can go wrong. However, a woman on Reddit wondered if what she said had turned the experience into something more than just a bad date. u/Wide_Chemical_674 shared her date experience, where something she said made sense at that time but seemed rude in the retrospective. The 23-year-old woman went on a date set up by a friend, Ana. They weren't the closest friends, but Ana knew the woman was single and wanted to set her up with her brother. The woman was excited and said yes to the blind date.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studio

However, the woman felt that it was one of the worst dates she had ever been on as the man only talked about himself, was rude to the waitress, and made hurtful remarks about her body and weight. The man said things like, "Are you sure you want the fries... gotta watch your calories." The woman revealed, "For context, I'm not overweight by any means (I struggle sometimes with anorexia but am currently good with an average weight for my height ). I laughed it off and changed topics, but I already knew it wasn't going to work out." The woman finally made some excuses to end the date and they left the restaurant. The man tried to convince her to go home with him. 

The woman shared, "I politely said no. He continued pressing me, saying, 'I know you want it, don't lie.' I said, 'Definitely no...' and explained that his behavior was rude and offputting. He said something about how all of us women enjoy a guy that's mean to us and how we like to put up a fight." The woman added, "I said this exactly, 'Yes, but those men have to look a lot better than you for women to enjoy that.' (Which is actually my honest opinion). He looked visibly taken aback, so I tried to explain that I had no issue with his looks if he had a good personality but to pull off saying the things he said, he would have to be a supermodel or something." They paid the bill and went their own way.

When Ana asked the 23-year-old about the date, she expressed they weren't the right people for each other. And Ana said it was okay. However, when the woman tried to message Ana later, she didn't respond. She went about her life, but when she met a mutual friend, the friend shared that Ana was quite upset with her. "Apparently, her brother struggles a lot with body and look issues and after my comments, was depressed and refusing to date ever again. My friend said that even though he was rude to me, I didn't have to comment on his looks," The woman said. She wondered if she was wrong and if her friend would ever talk to her again.

u/77Meg77 wrote, "So he can comment on your looks, but you can't comment on his? That doesn't work for me. But, I feel the need to comment on your belief that women like men to say rude things to them, but only if they are supermodel attractive. Are you serious? No, women do not like any man to say rude and mean things to them. If you honestly believe this, you have a problem and do not represent the majority of women! I will walk away from any man who mistreats me regardless of his looks or money." u/suhhhrena commented, "It's always so funny how the people who just love to dish it can never, ever take it. He has body issues, so you should sit there looking pretty while he cruelly attacks your body, like please." 

Image Source: Traditional-Total114
Image Source: Reddit | u/Traditional-Total114
Image Source: Reddit | u/Yeriiiiii
Image Source: Reddit | u/Yeriiiiii

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