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Woman announces her engagement to her friends in the most memorable way: 'I love love'

The podcaster chose the most memorable and priceless way to break the news of her engagement to her friends.

Woman announces her engagement to her friends in the most memorable way: 'I love love'
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @brittany_hockley

Finding the love of your life is one of the most beautiful moments. Everyone is excited to share with their family and friends that they have found the one. Similarly, when podcaster Brittany Hockley—who goes by @brittany_hockley on Instagram—pondered how to share her engagement news with her friends and fellow podcasters, she came up with the warmest and most creative idea. The woman was seated with two friends who were part of the “Life Uncut Podcast” and was ready to reveal her big news. Hockley began by reading out the story like she usually does. Posing the details to seem to be from an anonymous woman, she started listing the milestones she had come through. 

Image Source: Instagram|@brittany_hockley
Image Source: Instagram|@brittany_hockley

“I’ve been single for 10 years and I’ve always seen my friends fall in love, which made me so happy,” Hockley began to say. However, the woman added that even with the happiness for her friends, she felt upset that she was alone. “It upset me because I love love and I started to think maybe this wasn’t for me,” Hockley added. Her two friends intently listened to the story being read, assuming it to be of an unknown woman. “In 2022, I met this amazing guy, but he lived overseas,” she continued. At this point, one of Hockley’s friends glanced at her, figuring something felt familiar. However, they didn’t gauge the fact that it was her.

Image Source: Instagram|@brittany_hockley
Image Source: Instagram|@brittany_hockley

“My friends were concerned because long distance is never easy and I’ve always had commitment issues,” Hockley revealed. She added that this time “felt different” and she was optimistic. Coming to the big news, Hockley exclaimed, “Fast forward to now, I’ve never been happier. Last week, on a beautiful island, he asked me to be his wife!” She was excited beyond measure and was getting overwhelmed with emotion, knowing she was talking about her dream come true this time. “Are you crying?” her friend asked, confused.

Image Source: Instagram|@brittany_hockley
Image Source: Instagram|@brittany_hockley

On the verge of the happiest tears, while her friend was chuckling awkwardly, Hockley added more. She said, “I just want to know what’s a cute way to tell my friends that I’m getting married!” By the time she reached the end of her sentence, Hockely was bursting into tears. Her friends immediately realized the depth of the moment. In sheer excitement, her voice shrieked while the two of her friends jumped up from their seats in shock and joy. Yelling in excitement, one of the crew burst a party popper while the other two simply flooded with joy and smiled ear to ear.

“Spoiler: It’s me,” Hockley said in tears. Her friends got themselves together and shared the sweetest, tearful embrace. “I waited so long. I was going to tell you on Monday, but you got diarrhea!” Hockely exclaimed. The video ended with hugs and anticipation, with the trio excited as little girls about how things would unfold. “It was pure chaos, but possibly my favorite moment yet,” she wrote in her caption. People poured congratulations and were in awe of Hockley’s way of breaking the news. @mehtaphase wrote, “I’ve never been happier for a stranger!” @erinlouisecamilleri exclaimed, “This might be my favorite engagement announcement, I’ve ever seen.”

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