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Woman accidentally buys a Powerball ticket and wins big: 'Best mistake of my life'

She did have plans to win the lottery but not in the way she expected. Her little accident led her to something bigger and better.

Woman accidentally buys a Powerball ticket and wins big: 'Best mistake of my life'
Cover Image Source: YouTube | WUSA9

Winning a jackpot or lottery can be the luckiest way of getting a financial booster. However, at the same time, it involves many fate and external factors to ensure that out of millions the person manages to become the lucky winner. Some emerge winners from the millions and others, like Miriam Long from Christiansburg, Virginia, accidentally bagged 1 million dollars. Virginia Lottery reported that the woman did intend to win a cash prize, but not this big and not through a Powerball ticket. Long was interested in a Mega Million jackpot which was popular for its $800 plus award.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Peaton Hugo
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Peaton Hugo

However, there were different plans set aside for the woman. She went to purchase her ticket at the lottery machine and somehow accidentally pressed the button that gave her a Powerball ticket instead of the Mega Million one. There she had it, a million dollars, all hers, with just the click of a button. “It’s the best mistake of my life!” she exclaimed. Also, it was mentioned that Long had no tactics here, as it was a random mistake that led her to win a whopping amount. She used the "Easy Pick" option, allowing the computer to select the numbers on her ticket randomly. Long wasn’t able to accept the fact that a mistake caused her to win big time. “My heart was pounding, it was overwhelming,” she said.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Andrea Piacquadio

WUSA9 shared Long’s story, calling it a “happy accident.” “We can add Miriam Long’s story to the list of ‘happy accidents,’” the host said before titling her as the woman who “became a millionaire by accident.” The Powerball numbers were 16, which she didn’t match and 10-17-20-39-44 were the winning numbers, per WDBJ7. Also, retailers who sell these winning tickets receive a $10,000 bonus each from the Virginia Lottery, a winning situation for the store.


Lotteries are indeed a game-changer for not just the winner but even those around them. In a similar instance, an aged man, Paul J Riley, also banked 4 million dollars after winning a lottery through a cash ticket and the overjoyed man found a mesmerizing way to spend it. Though no accident and just a blessing here, it was all for the right reason. The man won the whopping amount and already had 2 major payments in mind. Firstly, Riley decided to buy his wife a car and his selflessness doesn’t stop there, per CBS News.

He is also going one step ahead to donate a major portion of his winnings to an animal shelter. Riley, who has a pet dog himself, understands the needs of the furry guys and can’t help but share with them what he has received. @mastatelottery even posted a picture of the adorable winner with his pet dog and a massive cheque. The caption read, “$4 million winner pictured with his VIP, very important puppy, Raven. He plans on buying his wife a car and donating to the Animal Rescue League!” It does not get more wholesome than this. Receiving a lottery, not just of money but of smiles and kindness and going one step ahead to share the same is as delightful as it can get.

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