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60-yr-old learned to play guitar during lockdown. She just launched a single topping the Blues charts

She had her ex-boyfriend's guitar lying around during the pandemic and decided to give it a try.

60-yr-old learned to play guitar during lockdown. She just launched a single topping the Blues charts
Image Source: Kym Vincenti/Youtube

Age should not be a limitation when it comes to making your dreams come true. Sometimes we learn more about ourselves and our talents as we age and it can prove to be a profound experience. A 60-year-old musician is setting an example of this by topping the charts on Apple Music. Kym Vincenti had never picked up a guitar before the COVID-19 lockdown in April 2020. However, she had her ex-boyfriend's guitar lying around and with nothing much to do indoors, she decided to give it a try, per Good News Network


Vincenti is a ghostwriter by profession and broke up with her boyfriend during the pandemic. So, as the world was trying to adapt to the new normal of social distancing, she decided to teach herself how to play the guitar and make music. She started practicing by learning chord positions using simple fingering charts. She soon found herself to be a natural at it and quickly became exceptional with practice. "To have a career in music so late in life has been so unexpected, but I'm loving every minute of it," Vincenti said. "Like millions of others in the country, I was at a loose end during lockdown so I decided to try my hand at music."


Vincenti started creating her own music as the months went on and she grew more comfortable playing the instrument. She also started adding words to go with it. She posted videos of herself performing on social media and shared them with her friends and family. Their encouraging comments inspired her to spend more time creating music. About two years into her musical journey, Dutch Van Spall, who owns Big Help Music, a small studio in Warwickshire, England, got in touch with Vincenti.

She said, "He was an acquaintance of mine with his own record label, and when I played him some clips he invited me up to his record studio." She recorded a song at his studio and Van Spall was so impressed by her talent that he offered her a record deal on the spot. Since then, she has released songs on a variety of streaming services, including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and Amazon Music.


Vincenti has published three singles till date, one of which reached the top of Apple Music's blues charts. She intends to launch a career in music when she receives enough streams across all platforms. Her new single "Let Him Go" will be available across all platforms on December 9. She said, "Since I released my debut single in August I’ve been releasing one song every six weeks or so. My first song got into the top 20 on Apple Music in the country chart, and my second in the top ten on the jazz chart."

She describes the last few months as "a whirlwind of a journey" and admitted that starting a career at 60 feels "strange." Vincenti added: "I'm just taking it slowly and enjoying recording songs and working on new projects."

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