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Wild turkeys led by 'Kevin' are terrorizing people in a small town and it's straight out of a movie

The Woburn gang of Turkeys sleep in trees or lamposts at night and spends their day on people's lawns.

Wild turkeys led by 'Kevin' are terrorizing people in a small town and it's straight out of a movie
Image Source: Getty Images/Dharitri Walia / EyeEm

Thanksgiving staple delicacy, a stuffed turkey, is consumed by millions around the country. However, these joyous times of us are actually terrifying for these birds who basically just want to avoid ending up in an oven. However, one group of turkeys is embodying the phrase "When the hunter becomes the hunted." A group of wild turkeys is terrorizing a small Massachusetts town, turning the tables on humans during Thanksgiving. They are apparently led by a gang leader named Kevin. A flock of five wild turkeys has been terrorizing and attacking residents in Woburn, which is northwest of Boston, reports The Guardian.



It sounds hilarious but if you are living in Woburn at this time, you need to prepare yourself with improvised weapons and be okay with being trapped inside because of a turkey. They attack the townspeople with pecks, kicks, and loud noises and everyone started fearing them. Two years ago, the turkeys made their appearance, led by a male bird known as 'Kevin.' The birds were initially peaceful, but with time they became increasingly antagonistic, making everyone concerned for their safety. They have forced people to adapt to their presence instead of the other way around. 

Meaghan Tolson, a local resident told the outlet, "They don’t let you out of your house. They peck at cars, they stop traffic. They go after kids on bikes. If you’re walking or jogging, or anything like that, they come for you." One resident even shared footage of Kevin standing outside her door and staring inside. The woman shouts, "What do you want? Go away." However, Kevin doesn't fear anybody and stays put making loud noises in response.

In recent years, the wild turkey population in Massachusetts has exploded. These wild Turkeys were reintroduced in the area in the 1970s and have multiplied since then. The Woburn gang of Turkeys sleep in trees or lamposts at night and spends their day on people's lawns. They might assault unsuspecting postal workers and pedestrians and they can even halt traffic by blocking the center of the road and attacking tires savagely. People are now adapting to keep themselves safe, according to Tolson.



She said, "A lot of people will leave brooms or rakes at their front door so that they can get them out if the turkeys are there." She also has been trapped inside her house several times due to the Turkeys. She said, "Some days it is frustrating. I’ll be like: ‘Oh my God, there’s an Amazon package’ and I can’t go get it, because the turkeys are there. Then I just have to wait until nightfall."

Tolson attributes the group's conduct to Kevin, the single male in the flock who stands out for his amazing size and ornate tail feathers. She observes that when Kevin is missing, the female turkeys are more likely to leave people and cars alone. She said, "When Kevin’s not around they’ll actually just mind their business and walk away from you."



"I think he kind of amps them up to get them going to chase people. But they’re never the instigators," she said. "When [Kevin] goes after you, he can kick pretty good." People have resorted to calling the authorities to scare these birds away but as soon as they leave, their reign of terror resumes.

Tolson like many other residents has learned their routine and worked around it to ensure their safety. After their reintroduction in Massachusetts, there are now up to 35,000 turkeys in the area. Dave Scarpitti, Mass Wildlife’s turkey and upland game project leader, said that now the birds have started invading towns and cities. They have easy access to food in populated areas, eating even seeds from bird feeders. 



MassWildlife has a guide on how to "prevent conflicts with Turkeys." They say, "Don't let Turkeys intimidate you" and advise to "scare or threaten a bold, aggressive turkey with loud noises, swatting with a broom or water sprayed from a hose." 

Nobody knows if Kevin and his gang can be handled by these methods but the people of Woburn have no choice but to try. Despite being terrorized by these Turkeys, Tolson and other residents don't wish anything bad on these birds. She said, "When I don’t see them for a couple of days, I think: ‘Oh, no, someone has run them over.' I mean, yeah, they can be a pain sometimes. But, you know, they’re just turkeys."

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