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Wife takes a cue from the Oscars to cut short her husband's long stories and it is hilarious

She came up with a polite and funny way to tell her husband to wrap up his stories instead of dragging them on with insignificant details.

Wife takes a cue from the Oscars to cut short her husband's long stories and it is hilarious
Image Source: TikTok | @amberdenae22

Some of us do not enjoy a simple story getting stretched out forever. However, when our partners or friends go on and on about something and we just want them to get to the point, we mostly keep silent. Telling people to cut to the chase would possibly offend them or diminish their enthusiasm about something. However, one wife seems to have found the perfect solution to this problem and it involves some iconic award show music. Amber (@amberdenae22 on TikTok), who often uploads fun videos on the platform with her husband Nick, recently shared the nifty little trick she uses to let her husband know when he is stretching the life out of a story.

Image Source: TikTok | @amberdenae22
Image Source: TikTok | @amberdenae22

In the video which soared to popularity in a short time, Amber can be seen recording Nick as he starts talking about something. All of a sudden, Amber switches on some upbeat orchestral music on her phone to interrupt Nick and he pauses to look at her with confusion. "What is that? What are you playing?" he questions. "It's Oscars music. You know when the speeches are too long," Amber responds and Nick erupts into a smile, reminding her that he has only been "talking for 30 seconds." The caption on the video reads: "Trying to get him to be more concise." 

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In another instance, Nick can be seen focused on telling someone off-camera what is presumably another long story because Amber cuts in with another round of orchestral music. “She’s been doing this the whole week. Every time I tell a story!” he jokes in the clip while hiding his face and laughing. A third clip shows Nick talking intently about a new television when Amber does her usual routine of playing some more of that music. “Is this gonna be the rest of my life?” he laughs once again.

Image Source: TikTok | @amberdenae22
Image Source: TikTok | @amberdenae22

The married couple who are based in Cape Town, South Africa, often shares such lighthearted videos about relationships and married life gaining them a decent amount of followers. The majority of TikTok users thought that it was a cool idea to let their partners know that they needed to get to the point quickly without blowing up a story for too long. Microsoft's official page on TikTok even showed up to write that they need to apply this idea for their long "team meetings."

Women on TikTok banded together to agree that most of their husbands are the same when it comes to telling a story and have a tendency to stretch it as far as they can manage. @cptgirl1 commented: "I know your pain, my husband is a tour guide. Every conversation is the longest story." @staceyelizabeth362 mentioned: "My husband is the same, starts talking then goes off on a side quest before getting back to the story." @_s_a_r_a_h joked: "I need this. Both mine and my mother-in-law could talk with a mouth full of marbles under wet cement." 

Image Source: TikTok | @deeromi
Image Source: TikTok | @deeromi

@bossladysd remarked: "Why didn’t I think of this?? Absolutely BRILLIANT! Bonus points when they’re such a good sport about it." Amber responded to it by writing that "she is lucky because otherwise it would have been awkward." @newnamewhodis added: "This is genius but my husband would be so offended. Why can't men just get to the point? Always dragging it out, give me details after the ending."

You can follow Amber (@amberdenae22) on TikTok for more couple comedies.

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