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Wife plans a hilarious revenge against husband for his terrible gifting skills on Christmas

Gift-giving during Christmas is a wonderful tradition but it becomes frustrating when you keep on receiving bad gifts.

Wife plans a hilarious revenge against husband for his terrible gifting skills on Christmas
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | George Dolgikh, Reddit | u/Popular-Jaguar-3803

Christmas is a very happy time of the year. With the snow and bells and gifts and cookies, there's no other festival that emits joy as much. However, one wife fell victim to a terrible gift from her husband and found the perfect solution to it. She posted the story on Reddit on her account, u/Popular-Jaguar-3803 and honestly, it's the best revenge story ever. The woman begins her story by letting us know that this story, as refreshing as it may be, is 23 years old. She drives right into the story by giving us some background. She tells us that her husband was extremely bad at giving gifts to her.

Yan Krukau
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Yan Krukau

He owed a lot of that to the fact that he would get the presents that he wanted instead of buying the things his wife would want. The year she's talking about is a prime example of demonstrating his habit. The woman continues her story, talking about Christmas 24 years ago, as she says, "That year, I came home to a large box wrapped up, about 10 days before Christmas and he said it was for me. He was so excited." She then goes on to mention the fact that the family was quite broke. So, anything that was bought was almost always exclusively for the four kids and the husband's mother. She says this was the case because her husband's mother (that is, her mother-in-law) was quite greedy all the time.

Anyway, despite her husband's excitement for her gift, she wasn't feeling it. She called it intuition. When Christmas Eve came, the family got together to open their gifts. Excitedly, he told his wife how she was going to love his gift. As she opened the box, she realized what the gift was. It was a ShopVac! The couple had hardwood and linoleum, so they could easily sweep and mop without a vacuum cleaner. That's why they didn't need it yet. However, the husband had some plans. The woman said, "He told me that it is wonderful because it cleans up the garage, his domain. Even picks up water. And he said it worked great because he already tried it before wrapping it up." This understandably pissed her off.

Matthias Cooper
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Matthias Cooper

This man bought himself a gift disguised as one of his wives. The wife explained, "I was pissed! He bought it for himself." She further added, "I would have been happy with a $5 necklace that turned my neck green." The following night, she decided not to go to bed with him. When he came to the living room to ask her to come, she said, "I wouldn’t because I couldn’t look at him. He then tells me how I was extremely selfish because gifts were to be what we as a family could use, not what we would want." So, the woman lay there all night, thinking about her next strike. She realized she'd have to wait a year, but she believed it to be worth the trouble.

And then, 50 weeks later, on a random day, she found the perfect tool for her revenge. She did what anyone would—cried happy tears on finding the gift she wanted and putting it in a box. When Christmas Eve arrived, she put her present under the tree and waited for a bit to tell her husband that it was for him. As the gift-opening process began, the husband excitedly opened his present, only to be consumed by the fact of what just happened. The woman said, "He opens the box to find a case of toilet paper. I then quoted him. 'Christmas was not for what we would want but for what we, as a family, need or could use. We all wipe. He was furious."

Image Source: Reddit | u/damarius
Image Source: Reddit | u/damarius

When he complained about this to people, they all collectively told him how he deserved the toilet paper. Even the comment section did not side with him and instead started sharing their own stories. Sharing a savage story about what u/Knitgirl9 did with a bad present, they said, "My husband gave me an alarm clock for Christmas. I don’t use an alarm clock, just the alarms on my phone, though I did have an older one on my nightstand. His alarm clock was broken. He said that since he bought me a new one, he wanted my old one. So basically, he bought himself an alarm clock. Well, his birthday is a week after Christmas. I wrapped that new alarm clock as his birthday gift."

u/FairyGodmothersUnion, shared a story with a beautiful twist like no other and said, "My late father-in-law gift-wrapped an obvious mop for my mother-in-law. She was pissed until she opened it and discovered, yes, it was a mop, but it had an expensive necklace wound around the handle. Father-in-law had a sense of humor and wasn’t a jerk."

Image Source: Reddit | u/damarius
Image Source: Reddit | u/Fantastic_Milk_4510

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