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Wife of wrestling coach hilariously defeats entire men's team in epic 'leg wrestling'

One by one, the woman welcomed her opponents and within seconds, defeated them without breaking a sweat.

Wife of wrestling coach hilariously defeats entire men's team in epic 'leg wrestling'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @vpreston11

People often consider wrestling a serious sport designed for only tough and bulky athletes. So, what happens when a woman becomes a part of it and wins in it too? Similarly, a woman named Victoria–who goes by @vpreston11 on TikTok–made it hilariously epic by engaging in a wrestling match with the men of a wrestling team. Though initiated as a fun form of entertainment, the wife of the team’s wrestling coach managed to victoriously take down most of the team, leaving everyone in splits. “We’ve got the wrestling team that wants to challenge the championship against the wrestling queen,” one of the men said. Victoria was lying on the ground with her first opponent, one of the young men.

Image Source: TikTok|@vpreston11
Image Source: TikTok|@vpreston11

As soon as they started the count, in a second, the woman put him down in an instant defeat. With all the men gathered around for a glimpse of the hysterical event, the next young man came to the fight. He knew he had to get serious after seeing Victoria’s skill and took out all of his belongings from his pants pockets to keep away all distractions. However, that preparation was a waste as she heroically defeated him in a jiffy. One young man after the other came, but Victoria was wrestling them down with absolutely no effort. It marked a hilarious victory that left people bawling with laughter and disbelief.

Image Source: TikTok|@vpreston11
Image Source: TikTok|@vpreston11

The young men were all astonished at Victoria’s strength and had no idea how to react after their amusing defeat. However, the men put their best foot forward and came one after another to try their luck. Victoria was finally met with an opponent who seemed promising. This young lad had quite the build and his calves and thighs looked like he could defeat the woman. To everyone’s surprise, the “queen” managed to wrestle the opponent, causing a humorous terror in the room.

In a follow-up video, Victoria shared that rebellious young men continued to come at her. As the more bulky men entered the battlefield, the winner did not change. After around 6 to 8 men from the wrestling team, one of the pros came onto the ground. The exhausted Victoria was defeated in a tough battle with this young man, but all the men in the room couldn’t help but applaud and cheer her on for the challenging and solid wrestling she put up, consecutively defeating the young wrestlers. With tens of thousands of people in awe of Victoria’s skills, many commented on the hilarious retrospective. Her work was indeed impeccable and many even demanded a rematch, explaining that she was exhausted from the previous opponents. 

Image Source: TikTok|@curlynerdypanda
Image Source: TikTok | @curlynerdypanda
Image Source: TikTok|@diannyespinal
Image Source: TikTok | @diannyespinal

@angiesue16 remarked, “She was tired and exhausted and needed to refresh… Rematch!” @buka_brooke wrote, “Girl gets the crown no matter what!” @bealockett put forth another reason and said, “His leg was too long and she couldn’t hook it properly. She was tired and she won regardless. She did amazing.” @dontblinksallysparrow exclaimed, “She deserves a rematch on the last one. No way they were lined up right Mad proud though, go get ‘em girl!” @tibbieleake said, “She wins, hands down. She was tired and deserves the crown!”

You can follow Victoria (@vpreston11) on TikTok for more content on humor and wrestling.

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