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Wife greets returning military husband with garden hose and it's so hilarious

"Welcome back home. Choose your weapon very carefully. Good luck", read the note on the door.

Wife greets returning military husband with garden hose and it's so hilarious
Cover Image Source: Reddit/ u/mindyour

The premise is as follows: a loving wife adoringly surprises her dear husband upon his return from the military with a water hose. A raging battle of the hoses and water guns ensued. A viral Reddit video that is now winning hearts on the internet and leaving people in stitches is the perfect illustration of a fun welcome back home for your military husband. The video begins with a note stuck o the door which reads, "Welcome back home. Choose your weapon very carefully. Good luck".

A man in full camo attire was just about to get inside the house but upon reading the note, he quickly retrieves the nerf guns kept against the wall on the floor while stuffing ammos inside his pockets as he surreptitiously enters. Little did he know that his wife was waiting inside with a water hose all amped up and good to go at any moment now. She strikes him with water while laughing hysterically and her husband didn't even get a chance to defend himself or counter-attack her as he was caught completely off guard and was drenched. The video has garnered over 56.3k upvotes with over 1.2k comments. "Never fight your opponent on a battlefield they prepared", said one user. "Dude was stuffing nerf in his pockets. He was ready for anything but that", commented another.


A soldier's return home is always an emotional occasion, but the way these soldiers surprise their loved ones will make you cry! Just like Cara Rahming, who received the surprise of a lifetime from her husband in 2022.  Just one day before their first child was born via cesarean section, she learned that her husband, Harold Leroy Rahming, had returned home early from his deployment in Iraq with the United States Army National Guard in order to be present for the big moment. "Harold had been planning for weeks to surprise his wife by returning sooner than his original mid-October homecoming," Advocate Health Care wrote in a Facebook post that included photos from the happy reunion. 


According to the hospital, Cara learned she would have to deliver her son early when the baby's heart rate began to slow and her care team had to induce her. Harold, a U.S. Army captain and physician, had already returned home and was waiting for the right moment to surprise Cara. That moment came on Sept. 17, when Cara went to the restroom in the hospital. Cara told GMA that she had no idea why so many people were filming her when she came out from the restroom. "Then I see him to the left in his full military uniform. And there's like no words to express that," Cara said of seeing her husband for the first time in three months. "Because I didn't know he was coming home. I just knew I was in the hospital, I was being induced and there was a baby coming soon. And there were a lot of emotions to process, but I know the definite emotion I felt once I saw him was joy."

The next day, Cara and Harold welcomed their healthy son, Harold Leroy Rahming II. "He has a really, really sweet spirit. You can see like, just the softness in his spirit and the gentleness. You'll see him smiling and wanting to play with you," Cara told GMA. “I'm extremely proud of her,” Harold Rahming said of his wife. “She's very resilient and very courageous. She took seconds to say, ‘You know what, this is what we have to do to ensure my safety and the baby's safety.’”

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