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Wife confused after learning strange reasons why her husband 'loves' her cooking

The wife was hit with confusion and shock after learning why her husband had been enjoying her cooking for years.

Wife confused after learning strange reasons why her husband 'loves' her cooking
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Kaboompics; Reddit | u/random-throwaway-xyz

Marriage often calls for certain adjustments and compromises which partners willingly agree to work on. Out of love, couples make necessary changes to their lifestyles and habits. However, there is a boundary that must be maintained with these compromises as well. u/random-throwaway-xyz was stunned after learning that her husband had hysterically gone out of his way to compromise for his wife. The wife mentioned in a since-deleted post that her husband and she had been married for 5 years. The couple was happy together and the woman added that they had “a pretty solid relationship.”

Representative Imag Source: Pexels| On Shot
Representative Imag Source: Pexels| On Shot

She further explained that she often cooks for herself and her husband. “I love cooking. My mom taught me when I was young,” she wrote. She added that she loved to cook for her husband and had been doing so for the last few years. “I cook about 50% of our meals. We often order takeout too,” she added. The wife ensured that her husband liked the food she was preparing and mentioned that he would even eat all she had cooked. “I don't consider myself an amazing cook, but it’s pretty good and it’s better than takeout anyway,” she added.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Andrea Piacquadio


She didn’t think anything of the situation until she came home early one day to find a baffling scene. She noticed a strange smell coming from the backyard and went to investigate. She explained that her husband works from home and she assumed he was doing something normal. “I assumed he was burning candles or something, but as I got closer, I realized it wasn’t candles. It was weed,” she hysterically remarked. Her husband was seated in the backyard with a joint, equally shocked to see his wife home early.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Anna Pou
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Anna Pou

“I was shocked. I had no idea he smoked. I asked him what was going on and he stared at me like a deer caught in headlights,” she recalled. The husband had to come clean and rendered a ghastly and hilarious truth. “He’d been using weed so he could get the munchies to eat my food. He hated my food and didn’t want to hurt my feelings,” the woman revealed. The man had been hysterically smoking a joint every day before dinner to be able to eat what his wife had prepared. “I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. On one hand, I was upset that he couldn’t be honest with me. On the other hand, it was funny in a messed-up way. Who does that!?” she asked in disbelief.

She humorously asked why her husband didn’t choose old-school methods like hiding the food under his napkin instead of weed. “How does someone not like someone’s cooking and their mind goes to drugs?” she asked. The duo ultimately apologized to each other and tried to figure their way around with the cooking. u/ctreadthink wrote, “Never heard of anyone smoking for a reason like this.” u/Nightquacker sarcastically wrote, “When your cooking is so bad, your husband turns to drugs to tolerate it.”

Image Source: Reddit|u/ZachTheCommie
Image Source: Reddit | u/ZachTheCommie
Image Source: Reddit|u/HangoverGrenade
Image Source: Reddit | u/HangoverGrenade

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