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Wife catches husband 'terrorizing' neighborhood dressed as Michael Myers and he simply won't quit

Evan Zimmerman has been dressing up as Michael Myers since 2012 and even the cops have stopped responding to calls about 'Michael Myers.'

Wife catches husband 'terrorizing' neighborhood dressed as Michael Myers and he simply won't quit
Image source: YouTube/Michael Myers of Decatur

Sabrina Zimmerman is married to Michael Myers from the 1978 slasher film Halloween and we're not even kidding. Sabrina's husband Evan is always dressed as the horror icon. Sabrina's getting used to waking up beside Michael Myers but still can't get over seeing him all over town in the costume. In a hilarious video posted online, she's shocked to see her husband cycling past her on the road on her pink bicycle but in full costume with a child carrier attached to it and a baby skeleton riding inside, reported TODAY. "Oh my god," exalts Sabrina, unable to hide her horror as she realizes it's her husband. “What the hell are you doing? Are we this couple now? Riding around with a skeleton baby" she shouts at him. "Seriously, get home or I'll have you committed." She then turns to her kid and says, "I leave to pick you up from the football game and your Dad does this crap!" Her kid can be heard laughing in the car as Evan stays in character and cycles past them.


The hilarious video went viral garnering more than 1.7k views on YouTube. It's not just the one video though. He's often dressed as Michael Myers and there's a bunch of hilarious videos of him around town, including him holding out an ice cream cone at a drive-through. It's Sabrina Zimmerman's commentary that really hits the spot. “There’s something about Michael with the white face and the way he walks,” said Evan. “He creeps people out more than anybody.”


Michael Myers is Evan's favorite and he's been doing the same costume since 2012 and says it's the first time she's recorded him. He's known as the Michael Myers of Decatur and he's so popular that the Decatur police know full well to ignore calls reporting sightings of Michael Myers.


“I’ll stand in random people's yards and look at them through the window until they notice me standing there,” said Evan. “I carry a fake butcher knife.” Evans added that there was just one time it kind of escalated. “I had a situation last week, where a guy said he was going to shoot me,” said Evan, who proudly says that he never broke character. Evans said he enjoys scaring kids but never does it to the elderly.


He said a lot of kids want to get pictures with him, but says some are scared of him. “I get a lot of requests from parents wanting me to scare their kids,” he said. She's a little worried if he's taking it too far. “She always talks about how I give her anxiety. But in reality, she loves that I do this,” he said. They have also had photoshoots with him as Michael Myers and their Facebook page is pretty popular as well, with more than 600K followers. One person asked Sabrina, "What made him start doing this??: and she replied, "He missed the holidays on a deployment one year. Been doing it ever since." Bridget Swords wrote, "I just love watching these videos! He cracks me up! And so don't she, I love it when she tells him to get home now!"


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