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Here's why parents who turn a blind eye to children mistreating pets are the real culprits

Exposing the danger of letting kids mistreat animals at home, some netizens reminded us of one very important fact: Dogs (or any animal, for that matter) are not people.

Here's why parents who turn a blind eye to children mistreating pets are the real culprits
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While nothing comes close to the internet's obsession with cats and dogs doing dumb or cute stuff, throwing tiny humans into the mix is perhaps the most eligible candidate for second place. How many times have we laughed watching toddlers take a tumble over unsuspecting sleeping pets or unwittingly pulling their ears/tails while the animals sport an "I'm so done with this human" expression? It's cute, sure. But we conveniently seem to forget that it's also incredibly dangerous for both parties involved in these scenarios. The very individuals holding a camera while their children pinch or unknowingly hurt the poor animals, wouldn't think twice before blaming the pet if it were to snap at their precious offsprings.


Tired of this practice, netizens on this thread exposed the danger of letting your kids mistreat animals at home by reminding us of one very important fact: Dogs (or any animal, for that matter) are not people. Sharing a picture of a toddler stepping on a pet dog, Instagram user Dún Laoghaire K9 wrote: Prime example of what NOT to allow. Eventually, it will come to a head and the dog will have enough. This child will be injured and this dog will be labeled aggressive and rehomed or likely euthanized.


Stop allowing children to mistreat dogs. It's not cute. It's not funny. It's not playful. It's dangerous and stupid. The dog and child pay the consequences for the parents' lack of common sense, the netizen added. As many still didn't seem to get the message and continued chanting the "a good dog will never hurt a baby" myth in the comments, another netizen set the record straight writing: Listen here you f***tards: dog. Are not. F***ing. People. They don't operate by human logic. They don't follow human moral codes. It has nothing to do with it being a "good dog" or not.


If you were getting hit and pulled on and punched and scratched constantly, you just might react. A dog can't speak up and say "hey, please stop that, you're hurting me." What he can do is move, lunge, bite, etc. These actions might intentionally or unintentionally harm your child, they added. If this doesn't drive the message home, perhaps the words of cynology expert Mindaugas Sejunas might. Speaking to Bored Panda, Sejunas said, "There are plenty of videos online that show kids riding dogs. Everyone brags on Facebook about how well their kid and dog get along. Many parents decide to get a dog for their child so that the little one stays entertained and doesn’t get bored. Some think of a dog as an excellent guardian."

Image Source: Imgur/somewhatvaguelywitty

"This is the biggest mistake an adult can make and it could easily turn into tragedy. There’s a famous story about a dog that was left alone with a crying child. Mom gets irritated, shouts at the kid and leaves the room. After she comes back from the kitchen, she sees her child’s throat torn apart. The dog was put down," Sejunas revealed. Sharing some words of advice for parents raising children and pets under the same roof, animal behavior specialist Vida Radzeviciene said, "First of all, kids should learn that a dog is not a toy. It’s crucial that children remain under parental supervision when interacting with a dog."


"It’s important that parents show their kids how to treat a dog, how to play with him and enjoy his company. Tell your little ones that a dog doesn’t like to be disturbed when sleeping or eating, and as a result might become angry. Mutual respect is key. Always educate your kids about how to treat animals. You can’t just go and grab a dog to get his attention, always call him and wait for him to come to you. Any dog can be provoked, especially when there are no adults around. That’s when a dog might decide to discipline your kid himself. Unfortunately, he can’t speak human language, nor does he know how to handle the subtleties of our communication. There’s only one way dogs discipline your ill-behaved kids, and that’s how his own mom would discipline him," Radzeviciene added.

Image Source: Imgur/somewhatvaguelywitty


Image Source: Imgur/somewhatvaguelywitty

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