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Grandpa catches first ball after 60 years of watching baseball, immediately gifts it to little girl

'Your grandpa looks like the kindest person ever.'

Grandpa catches first ball after 60 years of watching baseball, immediately gifts it to little girl
Cover Image Source: Reddit/u/jacwub

Baseball, a sport that has bonded families and friends alike, brings a lot of wholesome memories with every season. Catching a ball from the stands is the dream of every baseball fan. A grandfather who has been going to baseball games for 64 years had always hoped to catch a ball but he never could. Finally, his dream came true. He caught not just one but two balls while cheering for the Los Angeles Angels. While he could have kept both as a souvenir, he decided to do something heartwarming at that moment. He gifted the balls he caught to two children. In the text message he sent afterward to his grandchild, he wrote: "I've been going to games since 1958 and never got a ball. I've got two in less than an inning. I gave one to this little girl and the other to a little boy."

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit


His grandchild, who is a Reddit user and goes by the name u/jacwub, posted the text message and the image he received from his grandfather. In the image, the grandfather can be seen smiling vibrantly in his red shirt and cap with the official logo of Angels. He is holding a ball and the little girl standing next to him is seen grinning wearing a blue top and a hat with the same logo. 

People on Reddit were moved by his generous gesture and called him the "wholesome grandpa."

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit


A Reddit user commented, "Kudos to grandpa. He hung in there for sixty-four years, got what he wanted and gave it away." Another added, "Now that is something I admire. Live and kindness. They will remember your kindness." Another commented, "I like his happy face." Yet another user noted, "Your grandpa looks like the kindest person ever." 

Another emotional video caught the moment when a little boy gave his grandfather his home run baseball. The video shows the boy, Feliz, approaching his grandfather, Bruce Carrier, and calling him, "papa." 

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit



The inlay text in the video reads, "Felix got his first home run and wanted to surprise his Papa." Felix says, "So, you know I got two home runs right?" Carrier, who was present at the game, replied, "Yes, two home runs." Felix then takes out a baseball from his pocket and said, "I signed the ball for you and it says 'Papa, I love you.' " His grandfather immediately had tears in his eyes and asked Felix, "Why did you do that?" to which he replied, "Because you taught me everything about baseball." 



They shared an emotional hug at the end of the video. Felix's mother, Melissa Carrier-Damon, told TODAY, "My parents have lived here for the last five years and spend a lot of time with my kids. My dad was a college basketball coach and played baseball in college, so he’s done a lot of sports with the kids." Her father helps her son practice baseball and they often play together. She posted the video on Instagram and it moved people to tears. One user commented, "I cant stop crying. I know my dad would be the greatest grandpa ever for my son, but.. fucking cancer. Great video, great memory." 

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