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Whole community teams up to save horses that fell through ice in a freezing pond

They helped out the authorities to rescue the animals and took them to the nearest vet clinic.

Whole community teams up to save horses that fell through ice in a freezing pond
Image Source: Youtube/KPAX-TV

Animals and humans have a beautiful relationship where both species help each other in profound ways. Sometimes it can be life-saving as seen in a recent incident where an entire community teamed up to save four horses. These horses fell through the ice into a freezing pond and a group of neighbors, firemen, and animal control officials worked for hours to rescue them, per Good News Network


The South Kalispell Fire Department was dispatched to the site at Patrick Creek in Montana after four horses fell through the ice and became entangled up to their necks. Amber Countryman released a video of the repeated attempts to get the horses out, each of which failed until the rescuers successfully harnessed some more strength when they brought in a tractor. They worked relentlessly to save the life of these horses. 

A dozen individuals worked together to release the horses, including firemen, Flathead County Animal Control officers, and neighbors. They first attempted to build a ramp by constructing homemade pontoons out of pallets and other pieces of wood. They then attempted to pull one horse out of the water with a long rope, taking care not to break any of its legs, but they were unable to entirely release the animal.



All four horses were eventually securely evacuated using a harness linked to a tractor. They were all brought to a veterinary facility and treated. South Kalispell Fire Department wrote on their Facebook, "This afternoon our crews were dispatched to an animal rescue up Patrick Creek. Our first arriving unit found 4 horses had fallen through the ice on a deep pond." They added, "Through the cooperative efforts of fire department responders, FCSO animal control officers, Rebecca Farm staff and many neighbors, all 4 horses were successfully rescued from the pond and transported for veterinary care."

In another heartwarming tale of animal rescue, Nick Fry, an Australian adventurer, recently posted a video in which he and several of his friends aided in the freeing of a sea turtle from a twisted crab pot net that had coiled around one of its fins. Fry was on a boat with a few other people when they observed the turtle swimming in the sea. The 22-year-old stepped in immediately away, followed by one of his friends, to assess the situation. 



They quickly noticed that the turtle couldn't continue swimming because a net had been wrapped around its fin. The net also appeared to be jammed with debris from the sea. As Fry cradled the turtle in his arms, the second man painstakingly untied the net from around the turtle's fin. They were ultimately able to free the animal from the plastic and allow it to swim again. Fry and his buddies collected the dangerous net and removed it. 

They warned people not to discard waste in the ocean, particularly hazardous nets and threads that might endanger sea creatures. Their Instagram video went viral, with over 9,000 likes and 93k views. Several people expressed gratitude for their efforts in caring for the turtle. 

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