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Man calls out his girlfriend for harassing a Black couple

Reddit users were appalled by Erin's blatantly unapologetic demeanor throughout the gas station fiasco.

Man calls out his girlfriend for harassing a Black couple
Cover Image Source: TikTok/Nikki Chanel Harbor

A TikTok video from June recently caught the internet's attention for seemingly showing a man shouting at his companion for harassing a Black couple at a gas station. Originally shared by TikToker @nikkichanelharbor, the clip has since been posted on YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, and pretty much every social media platform out there. It made quite the splash on the r/PublicFreakout subreddit over the weekend after it was posted with the caption: "Man goes off at racist wife hehe." Although the video doesn't make it clear what exactly kicked off the confrontation, a seemingly infuriated man can be heard yelling at the woman while gesturing to the Black couple, saying: "You don't know him, you don't know her."


"F**k you. Get in the car," the man continues while the Black woman — who appears to be recording the confrontation — cackles and yells: "Erin get your stupid ass in the car. Get in the car, Erin." The White woman, supposedly named Erin, continues to argue with the man, prompting him to repeat: "You do not know him. You do not know her. You don't know anybody around here. You are not special. Get your stupid ass in the car."


Comedy ensues when Erin snaps back at the dude, accusing the Black man — who is dressed in a lovely lilac polo, by the way — of being a "fu**ing crack dealer." The man retorts by asking how Erin came to this conclusion in a sarcastic tone, asking if it's because he is driving a "fu**ing Buick?" As Erin then throws her drink and walks off, the woman is heard giggling while continuing to record the gas station altercation. The man then turns to the couple to apologize for his partner's behavior. "Hey, I'm sorry y'all," he said.

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

Reddit users were appalled by the woman's blatantly unapologetic demeanor throughout the fiasco. "It’s clear by his frustration that this has happened before," commented u/CannonBallRunpro, while u/BettyBloodfart chimed in with: "This is perfect. I can just imagine k(Erin) drunk on Chardonnay at 11 am screeching obscenities and racial slurs at the Chens, the new neighbors who just moved into the house on the other side of their white picket fence. This sounds like a plot to a sitcom I could actually watch. I hope it ends in divorce."

Image Source: Reddit

"The level of pity for the husband on that Black man's face is both equally warranted and unexpected. I've never seen a man say, 'I know a good divorce attorney' with a facial expression alone," commented u/BlueEyedBrunet. "She doesn't look embarrassed either, just seriously pissed off and frustrated that she's not getting support for her racism," pointed out u/ErdenGeboren. "It's not uncommon to deal with embarrassment by getting angry. I see it in children more but happens with shitty adults too," added u/SingularityPrime. "After seeing so many videos of racist wives going off while the husband just looks annoyed but doesn't say anything, good on this dude for actually stepping up and shutting down that racist bulls**t.
All it takes is a good wo/man to stand up for change to get made (slowly, but surely)," commented @wrecklesson33.

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