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People are losing it over the color of this dresser. Is it pink and white or blue and grey?

Time to spruce up this decade with a little bit of 'What color is it?' energy.

People are losing it over the color of this dresser. Is it pink and white or blue and grey?
Image Source: Reddit/u/agamiegamer

Remember the good old days of 2015? Such a simpler time, wasn't it? A time when our biggest worry was naming the colors of 'The Dress', the infamous garment that appears gold and white to some, and black and blue to others. The epic battle to determine the truth and why this was even a thing. Well, how about we bring some of that 2015 energy into this new decade with another "What color is this?" debate?

So, it all began when a colleague sent this image to our messaging group:

Image Source: Reddit/u/agamiegamer

Like cats to a pile of catnip, we all pounced at this heavy dose of nostalgic 'The Dress' deja vu to answer the golden question: "What color is this dresser? Is it pink and white or blue and grey?" While one person swore that they "see NOTHING but pink and white," another claimed to see a blue and grey piece of furniture in the image. We also heard a few pink&greens and blue&pinkish greys. Determined to find the "right answer," we dug around the internet a little bit, tracing it back to the r/blackmagicfuckery Reddit community. Originally posted by Reddit user u/agamiegamer in 2017, it sparked quite a bit of chaos online at the time.

Redditors flooded the post with their opinions on the dresser with a majority of them vouching for the pink and white color combination. Some even claimed to see blue and pink for some reason. Meanwhile, some users hilariously chose to exclude themselves from the narrative as memories of the chaos sparked by 'The Dress' came barging in. "No. No more civilization-killing color puzzles," wrote Reddit user Crinfarr. u/This_can_be_upvoted paid tribute to the OG 'What color is it' with the reply: "It’s black and gold!!!"

While fellow Redditors fought for their chosen color combinations, u/TacoFTuesday had a more pressing issue to focus on. "I see a bunch of crooked-ass knobs and it's driving me nuts," the user commented. u/ruairi98 attempted to settle the debate once and for all by changing "the white balance to match the whiteboard on the dresser," to get this:

Image Source: Reddit/u/ruairi98

However, u/romulusnr presented a whole thesis on why this approach wasn't effective. "I see pink and white that somebody screwed up the white balance way too blue on. Just look at the red on the hat on the left side. Completely washed now. Also, note that the items on top of the dresser are being lit by the ambient light in the room, but the dresser itself -- as indicated by the bright white reflection along the top edge -- is being lit by a camera flash. So there's no reason to believe white balancing based on items in the background is even going to result in correct coloration," the user claimed.


The debate was finally settled (somewhat) by the Redditor who posted the original image. The answer? Grey and blue. So why does the same image appear different to different people? According to Metro, "the reason a color may look different in a photograph than it is in real life is down to the color temperature in the environment when you were taking the picture. If a color temperature is ‘cool’, it means there will be more blue tones in the photo, if the color temperature is ‘warm’ there will be more yellow tones in the photo." Convinced? What color is the dresser for you?

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