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Wendy's manager fired after Black employee films him cursing and insulting her multiple times

Wendy's initially suspended the Black employee when she turned in the video to higher officials and reported the assistant manager.

Wendy's manager fired after Black employee films him cursing and insulting her multiple times
Cover Image Source: TikTok/mon3adatmac

A Wendy's assistant manager recently learned the repercussions of being arrogant and disrespectful to others after a Black employee caught him calling her a "communist f****** b*tch" on camera. The White man—identified only as Michael in the now-viral video—was filmed unleashing a tirade of abuse and insults against the woman named Sophia Cargill, who says she's a general manager in training. "When I tell you to clean, it means to f—king clean, b*tch!" he yells at the beginning of the video, walking past her in the kitchen. As other employees nearby are heard reacting with shock at his comment, Cargill lets Michael know that she captured everything on camera.


However, Michael appears to be completely unfazed when Cargill informs him that she will be sending the video to a higher-up. "I got you on camera, Mike! Guess what, Mike! That's the end of the road, Mike," she tells him in the clip. Michael defiantly responds "no it's not" and continues stomping around the kitchen while telling her that he can insult her if he wants to. "Look how disrespectful he is!" Cargill exclaims. He then tells her that he has the right to disrespect her and yells that she doesn't have permission to record him.


"Michael has been screaming at me for about five minutes straight. Michael is power tripping," Cargill tells the camera. Michael continues to yell at the woman, claiming that she hadn't completed cleaning tasks satisfactorily and demanding to know what work she's done since they closed for the day. Despite her calmly explaining everything she'd done, he gruffly insists that she's lying and calls her a "communist little f—king b**ch." In a follow-up video, Cargill revealed that she'd since turned over the videos to higher officials and reported Michael for his arrogant behavior.


However, things took a turn for the worse for Cargill as she was allegedly suspended — without pay — pending an investigation. Michael, meanwhile, was allowed to continue working at the establishment. "Mind you, they did not suspend this man yet," she says in the video. "They told me that they may not be able to pay me during the whole suspension." Cargill also revealed in another video that this wasn't an isolated incident and that there have been many issues with the behavior of this manager as well as others.


"This is not the first incident at this store," she explained. "There was another manager that is still currently working there who used [the N-word] on the line three times. I told the general manager about it, the general manager went back and told the lead assistant manager... I had also told her about the conflicts we were having with Michael. She also did nothing about it." Aside from doing absolutely nothing to resolve the employees' concerns, at one point, this manager allegedly called the entire staff idiots in front of the district manager. "This is the hostile work environment that we have to deal with," Cargill said.


In a GoFundMe set up to support her during the suspension and a possible job switch, she wrote: "(Michael) does not want me to become the general manager and he made it hard for me while in training. I endured. [On] multiple occasions, I reported to the general manager and nothing was done." Michael was ultimately fired after news of the incident went viral online and Cargill said in a video that although she was asked to return, she still feels the roles would have been reversed if the internet hadn't put pressure on Wendy's to do the right thing. "We have no tolerance for harassment in the workplace," a spokesperson for the burger joint told TMZ. "Upon learning of this situation, we acted immediately following our protocols and suspended those involved to run a thorough investigation."

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