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Wedding guest hilariously helps father of the bride hug his tall son-in-law with nifty trick

A wedding guest aiding the bride's father to hug his son-in-law at the right moment has left the internet audience clapping and cheering.

Wedding guest hilariously helps father of the bride hug his tall son-in-law with nifty trick
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @sothisislovesocials

Groomsmen and bridesmaids are not only present at the venue to give company to the bride and groom. Sometimes, they help the relatives of the married couple with unexpected things as well. Kelsee, a Colorado-based wedding content creator who goes by @sothisislovesocials on Instagram, shared a hilarious video that grabbed the attention of fellow social media users for all the right reasons. Kelsee was present to capture what looked like a well-planned moment playing out at the wedding ceremony of a bride named Danielle Janzen.

Image Source: Instagram | @sothisislovesocials
Image Source: Instagram | @sothisislovesocials

Just when Janzen and her new husband were about to take their vows, her father appeared in the frame to "give away his daughter to her husband" as a custom. Janzen's husband, visibly taller than at least six feet, was preparing to hug his would-be father-in-law. But before he could bend down for a hug, a young man ran across the frame, grabbed a stool and placed it in front of the bride's father. He climbs on it as the groom looks amusingly at him and his would-be father-in-law goes for an effortless hug. The Instagram community jumped in to cheer for the young man and how well the scenario played out. 

Image Source: Instagram | @sothisislovesocials
Image Source: Instagram | @sothisislovesocials commented, "I love it! As a fellow short person, I'm keeping this in my back pocket if my daughters marry tall people." @xxwitchxwitchraftxx wrote, "That's a father-in-law with a good sense of humor. The hubby looked genuinely confused when he went in for the hug." @rebekahnorkus shared, "My dad is 5'11". My husband is 6'4" and all his groomsmen were over 6'2" and my bridesmaids were all under 5'5". My dad and I were standing at the end of the processional and he leaned over to me and said, 'I feel short.'" @thepetitprobinsyana joked, "Oh, you manifested the man in finance, 6'5, blue eyes. There you go. Universe granted your request."


Sometimes, it doesn't take a groomsman or a bridesman to drop a surprising gesture at weddings. One bride surprised her husband by doing a dance performance she learned with her sister-in-law. A wedding photographer named Eva–who goes by @simply_evexo on TikTok–shared a wholesome video where she embraced her husband, Ngane's Tongan, culture and performed a traditional dance on their wedding day. Eve, who is based in New Zealand, gave the viewers a sneak peek of her practicing the Tongan culture's traditional dance, "Tau'olunga," while wearing their traditional attire.

@simply_evexo The coolest experience ever🥹 told him I didnt want to do it and then learnt in secret with his little sister! #tonganwedding #tauolunga #wedding #weddingtiktok #tradition #tongandance #surprisedance #nzwedding ♬ original sound - simply_evexo


"POV: You surprised your Tongan husband with a Tau'olunga at your wedding," the caption of her TikTok video read. The overlay texts further explained that she had initially tricked Ngane by telling him she wouldn't dance at their wedding, but she secretly learned it with his little sister. After the ceremony, when the guests gathered to dance and celebrate further, Eve started gracefully moving to the music and doing the Tau'olunga. Ngane could not control his excitement. He was all smiles as his wife and little sister were performing. The entire wedding party seemed to be impressed by their Tau'olunga performance. Eve's heartwarming video received over one million likes and counting. The online viewers loved the blend of cultures at the wedding.

You can follow Kelsee (@sothisislovesocials) on Instagram for more wedding moments.

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