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Weather presenters are sneaking absurd phrases into live TV broadcasts and it's a laugh riot

Nick Kosir and Adam Krueger have become internet sensations after sneaking in funny phrases and lyrics during live TV broadcasts.

Weather presenters are sneaking absurd phrases into live TV broadcasts and it's a laugh riot
Cover Image Source: (L) TikTok / @weatheradam. (R) TikTok / officialnickkosir

Nick Kosir, a meteorologist who reports for WJZY-TV in New York, has now become an internet sensation for slipping in sneaky phrases at the request of his fans. His catchphrase, "I'm the biggest bird," during a live weather report landed him over 4.4 million views on TikTok.

According to Insider, the 39-year-old reporter has over 6.2 million followers on his TikTok account. However, his followers tune in for the dance moves and phrases he tries to sneak into the broadcast at the request of his viewers rather than the weather report. "People say my videos helped them through a hard time or a bad day, but it's also the reverse," Kosir shared. "It kind of gave me something to look forward to every day."


Kosir has been a weather reporter for around 17 years and takes his job "very seriously." He explained that in case of severe weather conditions, he would never post videos like these. But the majority of the time, "the weather is fairly quiet," so he decided to continue the uploads alongside his regular work and became the evening co-host at FOX Weather in 2021.

Fans are taking full advantage of this open opportunity by requesting Kosir to sneak song lyrics and TV show quotes into the news. "I worked on a four-and-a-half-hour long morning show and that's a lot of hours," Kosir said. "At the end of the show, I would just kind of challenge myself to use these phrases that people would request and it just kind of kept me going."


Kosir is not the only one who is heeding the absurd requests of his fans. Adam Krueger, 42, the Texas-based chief meteorologist at CW39 Houston, has worked in the weather department for 20 years, but in 2022 he started sneaking words into his broadcast.

Krueger began by taking the word of the day from 'Wordle'- a puzzle game, but the "big turning point" came when his followers requested phrases to include, which ultimately gained him 437K followers on TikTok. In a TikTok video shared in November 2022—which received 51K views—a fan asked Krueger to sneak the Rick Astley lyric "never gonna give you up" into a segment.  


Krueger duly obliged, and while standing in front of a weather screen and delivering the news, he quipped, "The cold weather lasting with us for a while," he said. "This cold be like, 'Houston never gonna give you up.'"

In another hilarious video, Krueger took on the challenge to say "I like feet" while live on air. "I like feet of snow when I'm skiing," he said, garnering over 7 million views. His TV presence has also gained the attention of music artists such as The Notorious B.I.G., Miley Cyrus and Snoop Dogg. 


Snoop Dogg even posted a clip of the meteorologist on his Instagram captioned "Weatherman on one," which Krueger described as one of "the coolest moments so far." While the funny innuendos might upset some viewers, Kosir said the channel he works for is very encouraging and that his coworkers even help him do it.

"The people here at FOX Weather are very sharp and smart, and they see the value in building the brand in new ways," he explained. As for Krueger, who sat down with the general manager at his TV station, said that he wouldn't say anything bad or offensive. "Obviously it's brought a lot of positive attention to the station, so it's working out well," Krueger added.

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