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82-year-old grandma dances it out while cleaning up her community putting a smile on everyone's face

82-year-old Anna Berdnikova from Zlatoust, Russia, helps clean up her neighborhood and busts out some stellar moves while doing so.

82-year-old grandma dances it out while cleaning up her community putting a smile on everyone's face
Image Source: GoodMorningAmerica / Facebook

Anna Berdnikova, who is better known as Granny Anya by friends and family, dances and sings while she helps clean up the neighborhood she lives in. She works her way through the chores on her to-do list while singing Soviet songs as well as songs from old Indian movies. After a video of her showing off her moves was uploaded online, Granny Anya has gone viral. Dozens of internet users have shared that the dancing grandma has brightened their days and put smiles on their faces, Good Morning America reports.


Berdnikova is 82 years old, but her age does not get her down. Her youth is evidently still a part of her energetic and bubbly personality. She helps her community in Zlatoust, Russia, by performing small but meaningful acts of service. This includes cleaning up yards and tidying out stairwells. "When I walk by, I collect the garbage," she says in a video uploaded online by Good Morning America. "A street cleaner does it as well in [the summer]. In the winter, I help by shoveling the snow out."


Her neighbors are in awe of her zest for life and service. In the video, a member of the community shares, "I do not know when she sleeps. I woke up in the morning to take out the garbage and she was already there, cutting the grass. She cleans up after everyone. Whether you ask her or not, she helps everybody." To thank Granny Anya for her work, her neighbors pay her a small fee. However, users across the internet have expressed their thanks for brightening their days up in the form of positive comments. "Go granny," one Facebook user posted. "She'll probably outlive most of us!" Another added, "Granny's got her groove back." Another still stated, "Wow... Granny looks so strong." You can check out her groovy moves below.


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