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Waitress shows a key difference in how boomers and Gen Z leave their tables, sparking debate

A waitress sparked debate about basic dining decency after sharing a video of her customers.

Waitress shows a key difference in how boomers and Gen Z leave their tables, sparking debate
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @katebrande

A waitress has prompted a discussion online over etiquette while dining at a restaurant. Kate (@katebrande) took to TikTok to show the difference between how boomers and Gen Z leave their tables at eateries. She showed two tables. One at which five boomers ate and one, at which six Gen Z people ordered their food. 

Image Source: TikTok | @katebrande
Image Source: TikTok | @katebrande

She showed the boomers' table first and it looked quite messy with tissues, plates and leftover food scattered all over. The waitress said, "This is the table of five boomers from which I took some plates out already." Then she panned the camera to show another table which was cleaned up and the plates were stacked. This table belonged to six Gen Zers.

She expressed, "They did that. Just saying." Her caption read, "'They get paid to do that' VS 'We know the restaurant life is hard, here, let us help you out.'" The video started doing rounds on the internet and received over 6 million views. However, the creator shared in one of the comments, "I had to delete this at 9.3 million because corporate got mad. But I mean, I got a new job and don’t work there anymore." The idea of cleaning up the table after themselves, moreover the generational angle, sparked quite a debate in the comments section.

@rayvenia wrote, "Half of your server squad would prefer the plates not stacked. You all need a handbook to get it together." @skyerose1213 explained, "I grew up with friends joining the server business and I had been a dishwasher at a smaller place for a short time. I was taught by the main dishwashers to always be cautious about how you stack, and leave it if you don't know how. however, there is a difference between cleaning up your area and 'leaving it'. Leaving it means you straighten up, put trash and food scraps onto 1 plate, then neatly arrange the dishes on the table where it's easy to gather. don't be a pig and leave napkins and food scraps on the floor, chairs, and table."

Image Source: TikTok | @ebeyer8
Image Source: TikTok | @ebeyer8
Image Source: TikTok | @tom.talks.sometimes
Image Source: TikTok | @tom.talks.sometimes

@mariannlws52 expressed, "As a GenXer, I have been cleaning up tables for waitstaff for decades. Not only is it helpful, but it's also the right thing to do." @bhaobansidhe commented, "It doesn't matter even if they do get paid for it, it helps the staff out especially if it is hella busy and they don't get as much money as you think." While @essencerendered remarked, "Would you like them to place the order and pick up their food from the chef also? I mean why keep you if the customers will be doing all the work?"


“They get paid to do that” VS “we know restaurant life is hard, here, let us help you out”

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In another similar story, a post sparked outrage on TikTok over a person who refused to tip their waitress saying she was rude. The man shared their bill which had "Do better," written on it instead of the tip amount. Several people were outraged by the way the person behaved and felt that it was the man's fault. The man didn't share in what way the waitress was rude. @anna wrote, "It was only $ couldn't even leave a low tip? That would have been like $1."

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