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Animators and voice actors unite to uplift crying girl whose sidewalk chalk art was wiped away

A video of a woman destroying a young girl's chalk art prompted voice actor Tara Strong to offer to pay for the girl to have an art class.

Animators and voice actors unite to uplift crying girl whose sidewalk chalk art was wiped away
Cover Image Source: Twitter/@StrictlyChristo

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 10, 2023. It has since been updated.

A video of 2020 resurfaced in early 2023, featuring a woman destroying a young girl's chalk art in a parking lot. This heartbreaking event prompted a well-known voice actor to come up with a great idea to make it right. They offered to pay for the girl to have an art class, so she could continue to express herself through drawing and painting. Not only that, but the voice actor also offered to provide the girl with an art kit so she could make more art at home. This kind gesture has inspired others to show their support as well. People from all around the world have been sending the young artist messages of encouragement and art supplies to support her craft. This kind of response to a difficult situation is an example of how people can come together and show compassion for one another during times of need.



The camera captured an unsettling scene, a grown woman hosing down the chalk art of a young child, which had been created in front of her own home. The nosy neighbor had decided on behalf of the entire complex that this was unacceptable. Later, it was revealed that this woman, nicknamed 'Sidewalk Susan,' had subjected the family to further harassment; she had yelled at the child for playing outside, left notes on everyone's doors banning the children from using the empty parking lot and had even recorded the mother when she offered her neighbors food and water, while they were locked out of their condo. It was a clear demonstration of her control and power over the family.

The video of a woman scolding a young girl for her ambition to become an artist spread quickly through the internet. It tugged at the heartstrings of many viewers, resonating with them as they watched the young girl's dream going down the drain in an instant. The child's distress caused by this woman's heartlessness was felt by everyone who watched the video.



Tara Strong saw the video being shared and wanted to do something to brighten the child's life. She took to Twitter and asked others to help her find the young girl and her mother. She stated that she had animators ready to help the child turn her dream into an adorable cartoon. Tara Strong is a well-known voice artist with over 600 credits to her name. She is the voice behind many popular characters, including Bubbles from "Powerpuff Girls," Twilight Sparkle from "My Little Pony" and Harley Quinn from DC and Marvel productions.



Strong's offer of help is amazing and her commitment to inspiring young children is admirable. Her efforts to make this young girl's dream come true are a wonderful example of how a small act of kindness can make a big difference. Strong is the perfect candidate to bring this girl's creations to life. Her ambition to find the girl has been widely supported by people in the industry who also are willing to help. Although the video is a few years old, people are still hopeful that this story will have a positive outcome. There is still no news yet on how Strong's mission is progressing, but people remain optimistic for a happy ending.


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