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Woman has a creative and hilarious solution for pranking spam callers back: 'Can you repeat that?'

Spam calls offering sales pitches, donation requests and job opportunities are a common annoyance but this woman found a creative solution.

Woman has a creative and hilarious solution for pranking spam callers back: 'Can you repeat that?'
Cover Image Source: TikTok/ @the_radio_nerd

We've all experienced those pesky spam calls offering sales pitches, donation requests, and even promising job opportunities. They often ask for our time and attempt to sell us services we never signed up for. But have you ever contemplated turning the tables and pulling a prank on the individuals behind these spam calls? That's what professional voice actor Kat Carter did and it was hilarious. Carter—who goes by @the_radio_nerd on TikTok—posted a video of her "messing with spam callers"

Image Source: TikTok/ @the_radio_nerd
Image Source: TikTok | @the_radio_nerd

The voice actor is pretending to be an automated machine while she is talking to a spam caller. She constantly keeps giving prompts to the person, which doesn't lead to anything She says, "Hello? hello, what can I do for you today?" The spammer says, "Transfer to accounts payable."

Carter repeats, "Accounts payable, one moment, please." She goes on to say, "You have reached sales. What can I do for you?" She repeats what the caller says, "Accounts payable, please repeat that." Carter laughs in between the conversation and tries her best not to be heard by the caller.

Image Source: TikTok/ @the_radio_nerd
Image Source: TikTok | @the_radio_nerd

She then continues, "You have said reception. Is there anything else you'd like today?" The call concludes with her saying, "Thank you, goodbye." She keeps a straight face till the end while she wants to uncontrollably laugh.

Image Source: TikTok/ @the_radio_nerd
Image Source: TikTok/ @the_radio_nerd

The video garnered about 3.7 million views and is captioned, "I almost broke in the end." People on social media found Carter's conversation funny and perfect. @caprinice commented, "My mind is just not computing the face with the voice." @solsticespiral wrote, "You have to add 'Sorry, I didn’t get that. Please, say the department you would like to be transferred to. If you know your party’s extension'" @squidexte suggested, "Next time when you say goodbye switch to your normal voice to see if they do anything."

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Such pranks are a great way to teach a lesson to the spammers. However, some pranks are harmless and done just for fun as in the case of some senior students who got into their teacher's house. They took the help of her husband and slept over in their kitchen. The video was posted on Instagram by St. Andrew's School. The post is captioned, "It's senior prank season, and boy did the Class of 2023 get Ms. McGrath good. Last night, the entire senior class snuck into her house at 1 AM and bedded down for a good night's sleep all over the first floor of her residence."

Image Source: TikTok |
Image Source: Instagram | @sasdelaware


Apparently, on senior prank day, people play pranks on teachers and younger students. In the video, the teacher, Ms. McGrath, can be seen coming down for her morning coffee at 6 AM when she finds the students sleeping on her kitchen floor. She opens the door after closing it the first time she came into the room. She says, "Good morning, my little bunnies." She asks them what time they came and how she did not hear them and says, "You're like commandos." All of them begin to laugh and the video comes to an end.

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