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Woman asks people which spoon they would choose from their cutlery drawer, sparking intense discussion

It led to a discussion where people discussed several benefits of either spoons and how they make the decision of choosing comfortable cutlery.

Woman asks people which spoon they would choose from their cutlery drawer, sparking intense discussion
Image Source: TikTok/

A TikTok video has sparked a controversy about spoons in a cutlery drawer. TikTok user posted a video on February 9 that has received almost 11 million views. The user in the video posted a fairly basic inquiry regarding utensil preferences, which sparked a lively discussion. They said in the video, "I’m really hoping I can find my people here. I have recently found out that there are some people in the world that can go into a cutlery drawer and pick either of these spoons, doesn’t matter to them."

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok


The user then paused for a while, letting the viewer concentrate on the two spoons, which appeared to be smaller in size. They added, "Now, there’s clearly a winner spoon here. Is it only me?" They added, "Now we’ve got option number one," while holding the spoon on the left, a polished and smooth-looking spoon with no inscriptions or adornments." And option number two," they said, taking a somewhat more elaborate spoon with a pointier bowl and beveled sides. They asked the viewers, "Which one would you pick?"

The video's thriving comments section demonstrates that everyone believes their spoon selection is accurate. The video has gathered almost 12 million views and thousands of comments. Several people said they prefer option number two and one user @_nina__bee_ said, "It’s tricky because I like the smoothness of 1’s handle but the actual spoon bit of 2 is better."

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok


Another user @gemmapricefolan said, "Option 1! it looks the perfect weight, the curving is just right and the handle edge doesn't have the rough patterned edging." TikTok user @jorjiamaexx commented, "1 is for eating yogurts or desserts, 2 is for making tea and coffee." User @nadiagroslich said, "Always no 2 for me. If I’m packing a lunch for someone else I will give no 1 so I don’t lose any no 2’s." 

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok


Several others pondered in the comments area and sought even begged the original poster for their thoughts on the viral debate they started. Thus, two days and thousands upon thousands of comments later, on February 11, revealed which of the two spoons they would choose. They said in the follow-up video, "So first, I’d like to preface that I wasn’t expecting the response that I got on this video." They added, "I’m actually nervous to give my answer because obviously, it’s going to disappoint quite a lot of people. But my answer is, of course, option number one. It has to be." 

The user then stated why they chose what they did. They said, "This one, the ridges … It’s too sharp," before admitting that while the spoon on choice two is "very excellent," the ridges are a deal breaker. According to the TikTok, option number two is just used for stirring and option number one is their favorite pick for the best spoon. The debate is still going on and the next time we open our cutlery drawer, we will think twice.

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