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Violinist's sassy reply when school bully contacts her after years just to make an unbelievable request

The artist received a message from her childhood bully after years of no contact and she had a request related to her personal affairs.

Violinist's sassy reply when school bully contacts her after years just to make an unbelievable request
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @tiffanymooreviolin

Bullying has always been an issue of concern in schools and teenagers, especially, have a hard time going through it. A violinist, Tiffany Lauren (@tiffanymooreviolin), was bullied in middle school and the person responsible recently contacted her with an unusual request. The violinist posted screenshots of the conversation on Instagram and some of Lauren's responses to her were right on point, making the woman realize what a big mistake she had made.

Image Source: Instagram | @tiffanymooreviolin
Image Source: Instagram | @tiffanymooreviolin

In the first video, Lauren shares what the woman texted her. It read, "Hey girl! It’s been forever...I’m getting married, and I totally want you to play violin for my ceremony in October. It would be the perfect gift, plus you could use the photos and videos to build your performance portfolio! Win-win!”

The violinist, who has close to 19 years of experience in the wedding industry, was quite shocked to get this message. She had a sassy response prepared already, "Hello. 1. It's rather bold of you to assume that I’d gift you a $2,500 service. 2. You bullied me relentlessly in middle school for being in [the] orchestra. 3. Build my performance portfolio? You may not realize I’ve been recognized by The Knot and Wedding Wire (wedding planning websites) 6 years in a row." She added, “My ‘portfolio’ dates back to age 12. I’ve been in the wedding industry for 19 years.” 

In the next video, Lauren showed the message that the bride-to-be sent her. The woman was surprised to know that the violinist charged $2,500 for her services but later asked if she could give her a discount. She tried to justify the bargain by saying that she didn't want any "difficult music." The woman also claimed that she wanted to be friends with her and "leave the past behind." Lauren made it clear that she was not interested in being friends with her and also gave details about the service she provided.

"What I offer is labeled as a luxury service. Clients prefer to invest in their wedding day entertainment with a seasoned professional who provides exemplary skills, high-quality instruments and equipment, and someone well-versed in how weddings need to run efficiently. That, my dear, is why people choose me," the violinist replied in the chat.

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Despite Lauren showing no interest in playing at her wedding, the woman pursued her. The bride-to-be wrote, "So, are you available on October 3rd? It's a Thursday. I can pay you $1,000 but that's all I can afford and for less than an hour of playing, that's not too shabby! And you'll get major exposure because my guest list is 300 people." The musician mocked her for "getting married on Mean Girls Day." She also, once again, emphasized that she was not interested in her offer or the exposure. Lauren added, "Charge your 300 guests a $5 entertainment fee and you'll have my music services covered." 

Image Source: Instagram | @tiffanymooreviolin
Image Source: Instagram | @tiffanymooreviolin

The bride-to-be was offended by the violinist's rejection and got quite rude. "Well, well, well, who's the mean girl now? Go cry about not being able to pay your bills because you're too greedy. Besides you are not even worth it and you s**k!" she messaged. Lauren took it as a joke and wrote, "Ugh I'm devastated. But I'm out of tissues so I have to wipe my tears with the tip money I got from my client this weekend." She also added a picture of herself holding the money.

After Lauren shared the whole conversation on social media, the former bully messaged her, asking why did that. The violinist replied, "You're just embarrassed for being called out on your ridiculousness and blatant audacity, thinking I'd actually agree to perform for you. You are so freaking entitled, living in Delulu-land!" In the end, the bride-to-be threatened Lauren that she would be taking legal action against her and also called her a "bully." To thid, the violinist responded, "No, I'm not a bully. Legal representation? Baby girl, you couldn't afford my services so I'm not worried here." 

Image Source: TikTok | @tiffanymooreviolin
Image Source: TikTok | @tiffanymooreviolin

People in the comments were glad with the way the violinist handled the situation. @melissa_c_payne commented, "You didn’t even post her name. Someone’s a little embarrassed people around her might figure out she went crawling to you for your services." @educator_andrea wrote, "I mean, you didn’t tag her. So if she thinks she’s easily identifiable as a horrid bully, that’s on her." @78_blue_ said, There is power in responding to a former bully, like this, with the confidence and belief in yourself that didn’t exist when you were a kid. The power of these responses is healing." @canadianstirlingite expressed, "'I know I was your bully but I want us to be friends by thinking you are beneath me and wanting your services cheap for me.'"

Image Source: Instagram | @mooresimplelife
Image Source: Instagram | @mooresimplelife

You can follow Tiffany Lauren (@tiffanymooreviolin) on Instagram for more content on music. 

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