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Vintage Wendy's training clip from the 90s has the internet in stitches: 'This is a gem'

In a time when social media or the Internet wasn't very active, Wendy's came up with an innovative plan to train their employees.

Vintage Wendy's training clip from the 90s has the internet in stitches: 'This is a gem'
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Chuck Drake

Wendy's is one of the oldest fast-food joints that are still running successfully. In 2024, it will complete 55 long years of service, serving the best and quickest food to its customers. Wendy's is easily a people's favorite when it comes to fast food joints, but it was more than that in the 80s and 90s. Initially, this restaurant used really fun video tutorials to teach their new staff how things worked. Right from videos teaching staff members how to make hot and cold drinks to how to grill, they covered everything. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | THIS IS ZUN
Representative Image Source: Pexels | THIS IS ZUN

One of their popular training videos, "Cold Drinks," is a banger from the 90s inspired by Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" playbook. This musical training tutorial explains to the staff everything they need to do to serve a cold drink to their customer, right from water to iced tea. Not just this, the visual representation coupled with the rhyming song helps the viewer retain the process better. The video begins with a few nice beats along with a blonde Wendy's waitress who demonstrates, "Drinks, cold. Are you ready? Here we go!"


She then goes on to name the cold drinks available at the restaurant. She mentions soft drinks, water, lemonade and cold tea. After that, she explains the four cup sizes in which the cold drinks come in. They are big, medium, small and kid-sized. After that, she goes on to elaborate on the process of making these cold beverages. She says the first thing to do is fill up the paper glasses with ice halfway, irrespective of the cup size. She also specifies that the ice needs to be filled into the glass using the scooper available instead of using the cup directly.

After that comes the part where you fill in your cup using the dispensing machine. The blonde girl advises one to simply push against the lever using the cup to fill it easily. In the case of soft drinks, one must wait till the foam settles to fill it up a quarter inch away from the rim so that there's no spilling anywhere. The video explains that if the customer is going to be eating, the cup goes on the left side of the tray and if it's a takeaway order - one must put a lid on the cup and pass it on to the coordinator. In the case of lemonade, the same process is used except that instead of the cold drink, add juice.


Lastly, for the iced tea, one must fill up the whole cup with ice instead of halfway and then pour the tea into it. If the customer asks for lemon, the same is to be provided to the customer in a way appropriate depending on whether or not they are having the iced tea at the restaurant or it's a takeaway order. The video also specifies that water is a courtesy to the guests and is to be provided in a small cup. The video ends with the blonde saying, "Cold drinks, that is all there is to it. Go ahead and try. I know you can do it." Even though the video was posted 13 years ago, it still doesn't fail to amuse the viewers and leave them in splits. 

Viewer @KarlRock added a dash of humor and commented: "I hate myself for enjoying watching this. On the bright side, I’m now ready to serve drinks at Wendy’s." @Orpheusftw added: "You guys gotta understand that in this era, every company was rapping at you. Whenever anyone asked, 'But how do we make the KIDS understand?' this was the solution 100% of the time." @happyme9010 shared: "This is hilarious, especially the singing at the end...but you know what it’s bloody effective. I really think I could prep cold drinks at Wendy’s now. In fact, I know I can do it!" @BladesAndDiamonds wrote: "I don’t care what you say; this is a gem. I’m watching it for the 4th time now. The 2nd time this week LMAO."

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