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Adorable video shows how much donated hair makes a difference for a child: 'That sweet smile'

She looks very happy when she opens her eyes to see herself in the mirror. She is smiling the whole time.

Adorable video shows how much donated hair makes a difference for a child: 'That sweet smile'
Cover Image Source: TikTok/ @wigsbytiffani

Losing hair can be a daunting thing for anybody. However, it is harder for kids, and losing hair for any reason, be it a disease or otherwise, can be extremely difficult. Thankfully wigs can help boost one's confidence a lot and a now-viral video shows how it can bring a smile to their faces. In a video shared by @wigsbytiffani, a bald child can be seen being assisted with a wig inside the studio by the business owner, Tiffani. She puts a wig on the youngster's head as the little girl keeps her eyes closed. The child immediately lights up when she opens her eyes to see herself in the mirror and cannot stop smiling as she admires her new hairdo. Throughout the video, the song, "A Letter to My Daughter" by Kerri Brown plays in the background.

Image Source: TikTok/ @wigsbytiffani
Image Source: TikTok/ @wigsbytiffani

The video has gained about 389k views and 21k likes on TikTok. It is captioned, "A letter to the daughter." People on social media loved the little girl's transformation. @melissaboyer26 commented, "Beautiful girl both with and without hair!" @allisonhanbyy wrote, "That sweet smile!! She's so adorable." @denno5656 pointed out, "Look at how kind this woman is fitting this young lady. Spread kindness and be a strong little lady. You got this." @leahpothast538 expressed, "She's beautiful inside and out." @user713805878 commented, "So beautiful. I love what you ladies did for this beautiful little girl."

Image Source: TikTok/ @wigsbytiffani
Image Source: TikTok/ @wigsbytiffani

The same video was posted on Reddit by u/davidwallacecto. The video gained over 28k upvotes on the platform. It is captioned, "Donated hair gives so much confidence to children with cancer." Many were glad to see the child happy. u/ai_togoout commented, "When she smiled, I smiled too." u/Reasonable_Watch_875 wrote, "Just stunning. what else can I say. she made me smile when she smiled. This is so precious!" u/RobotBuildreTexas expressed, "Outstanding... what kids need and deserve." u/Status_Trick-5629 commented, "The sweetest and most touching video I've seen today."

Support from family and friends means a lot when someone is facing a hard time. A 16-year-old named Kevin Winegar, who is being treated for cancer, decided to host a "hair shaving" party, but what he didn't expect was his full high school football team to turn up and support him. His mother, Doorly, was equally surprised by the number of teenagers who showed up. "He's been a part of these teams at school and they've been with him since day one. They just kept coming and showing up and showing up. And it was so moving," said Doorly.


She posted a video on her Instagram of the “hair shaving” party. There are clips of Winegar’s hair being shaved off, then of his high school teammates doing the same. It ends with group shots of the team and other friends from the school. The footage is set to the audio of Kobe Bryant’s famous quote on greatness.

The video is captioned, “What a high! A house full of teenagers that chose to support their friend with cancer on a Friday night. There are no words. But this right here is what makes a heavy load lighter.” People on social media appreciated the sort of support Winegar has. @shaylondon1 commented, “What an amazing group of friends he has! This shows how amazing HE is to inspire so many people to love and support him and shave their heads with him.”

Image Source: TikTok/ @wigsbytiffani
Image Source: TikTok/ @wigsbytiffani



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