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Video of toddler eating all the ingredients in hilariously disastrous baking attempt is a laugh-riot

This little chef was more interested in eating the raw ingredients than waiting patiently to bake actual cookies.

Video of toddler eating all the ingredients in hilariously disastrous baking attempt is a laugh-riot
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @littlechefcade

It is always a healthy practice to introduce your kids to activities like gardening and cooking or help them indulge in a hobby at a young age so they can possibly develop a passion for it later in life. But letting a kid loose in a kitchen could spell a disaster. However, this little chef was not unaccompanied. A few years back, a mom named Christy Hagedorn started sharing her toddler son Cade's fun little videos on the Instagram page of Little Chef Cade (@littlechefcade).

Image Source: YouTube | @littlechefcade
Image Source: Instagram | @littlechefcade

Little did she know one of the videos of Cade accompanying his grandmother in a baking session would turn into a hilarious disaster that would go viral on the internet with millions of views. The viral video, which was originally posted back in 2020, is something that is bound to win over everyone's hearts and bring back memories who had to deal with their chaotic kids when they were young.


According to Business Insider, a then-two-year-old Cade was wearing a chef's hat and was supposed to help his grandmother bake chocolate chip cookies, but he literally did everything else other than helping his grandma. Surprisingly enough, Cade's grandma was incredibly patient throughout the ruckus created by her grandson. His grandma can be seen trying her best to follow through with the basic cookie recipe of mixing all the necessary ingredients in the bowl, but there is no greater troublemaker in sight other than Cade himself.

Image Source: YouTube | @littlechefcade
Image Source: Instagram | @littlechefcade

As the grandma tried to place all the raw ingredients into the bowl, Cade did not even take more than two seconds to lunge at it and shove the flour, raw eggs, sugar and even the batter into his mouth. Anything he could get his hands on becomes an instant edible for the toddler. The grandma laughs through all the mess created by Cade as she tries her best to clean the kitchen counter, handle the little chef and bake the cookies.


"No eating the butter — Good job! Flour — yucky!" She can be heard uttering and instructing her grandson. "That's a raw egg! No eating eggs. Crack and put it in." Cade's mother, Hagedorn, who is an attorney with the Navy, shared this particular video when people were stuck in their homes and struggling to obtain enough to feed their families during the pandemic. These videos showcasing sweet moments of a grandson and a grandma bonding over a funny cooking session touched a chord with the audience who had to go months without meeting their family members.

But when Cade's grandma visited him, Hagedorn knew it was the perfect time to capture sweet memories. As a military nurse, Hagedorn's spouse had a vital job during the pandemic. Hagedorn has been amusing and teaching Cade all by herself during the day since the pandemic started, in addition to finishing her legal duties. Apart from baking, Hagedorn enjoys going on hikes with her son and frequently prepares a water table for him, which enables him to submerge his hands in liquid, which helps him with his sensory development, per the outlet.


Fellow users who came across Cade's video were delighted to witness a moment of pure chaos yet fun and left their comments underneath the Instagram video. @kirstiejohnson16 wrote, "I love you both! Nana has the patience of a Saint and Cade is just so funny. He will literally give anything a go. Great entertainment." @anigzo commented, "He just smeared them on the wall, like my son. Every week, when I go into his room to deep clean it, he leaves me a surprise on the wall, which is right next to his bed. I love him so much, so it's ok." Well, Cade, who is 4-years-old now, continues his culinary mayhem, as documented by his mom.


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