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Iconic video of Kermit and a girl reciting the alphabet is a reminder of the impact of Sesame Street

The girl tries to mess with Kermit but he handles it pretty well and says, 'I love you' in the end.

Iconic video of Kermit and a girl reciting the alphabet is a reminder of the impact of Sesame Street
Image Source: Youtube/Sesame Street

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 16, 2022. It has since been updated.

We all had different childhoods, however, there was a significant shared experience of watching "Sesame Street." The children's program did a lot by bridging many cultural and educational gaps for children and adults alike. The impact caused by this special show was great and it can still be felt in a video posted by a Reddit user. They wrote alongside the video, "This little girl tries to mess with Kermit when they are singing the alphabet."

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


In the video, Kermit asks a little girl to sing the alphabet after she confidently says that she knows all of it. The little girl, however, can't remember it completely and starts saying Gibberish after the letter "f." Kermit tries to sing along with her but the girl tries to mess it up again and again. Kermit was having none of it and was very adamant in making the girl recite it and even said, "You're just teasing me" before continuing with the alphabet. At the end of the adorable video, Kermit says "I love you" to the little girl and she responds by repeating it. They hug each other and the video ends. 

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


The girl was identified as Joey and she has made several videos with Kermit counting to 20, talking about body parts and Up and Down. Reddit users were absolutely touched by this cute video that reminds them of their childhood. Reddit user, hotbox4u, commented, "That melts my bitter heart. For her, Kermet is a real being." Another MileageAddict added, "This skit was filmed for the 1969-70 season of Sesame Street. Amazingly, that cute little girl is now in her late 40s or early 50s." 

A Reddit user, thabudelphyphyd, noted, "It shows you just how devious children are. They drive you up the wall, make you want to scratch your own eyes out, and then just drop an "I wuv u" so adorably that you fall immediately back into their inescapable trap of infuriating cuteness." Another user, rsauer1208 noted this video explains why this show is still so important, they wrote, "My absolute favorite Sesame Street video of all time. The kids never even see the adult just underneath them. These characters become so real to them when they start talking. It's an amazing thing to be a kid and to have those kinds of reactions. I love Jim's reaction to it all through Kermit though. Miss his warmth the most."



The show has never stopped developing itself to be more inclusive and multicultural. They recently made history by hiring their first black woman puppeteer. Megan Piphus Peace is extremely grateful for this opportunity and did not realize that her employment will have such a big historical significance. She said, "I would have cried like a baby on the 123 steps if they had told me beforehand...The sets of 'Sesame Street' are like walking into a fantasy. To be there is really something." 

Peace's initial audition tape was sent in 2017, but she didn't hear back from Matt Vogel, the show's puppet captain, until March 2020. He suggested she take a virtual session to study Muppet-style puppetry, and it paid off big time. 

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